Will The Sun just say anything to stop people voting Labour?

25th March, 2015 6:29 pm

On the left is today’s editorial from The Scottish Sun. On the right is today’s editorial from The Sun (England and Wales edition):

The Sun and SNPThe Scottish version plays up the SNP and Alex Salmond, while the English version warns the danger of the SNP propping up Labour. Could it be they will just say anything to stop people voting Labour?

(picture via Wings Over Scotland)


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  • treborc1

    Since I have never read it or bought it, I will not care much what it says, but I did see of course Miliband wearing the tee shirts and of course holding up the paper to help Murdock .

    Will the sun do anything to stop labour winning, yes it will, is that surprising did you think wearing the tee shirt would stop Murdock.

    And the rumours that seem to be circulating of late, I will not be surprised if Murdock himself writes a few articles to stop labour. Does anyone take the sun seriously seems you do and I expect those people who buy it for the Boobs on page three.

  • Tommo

    Maybe they just want to sell papers

    • Mukkinese

      No they want to herd the electorate in the direction that most benefits Rupert Murdochs bank balance.

      I keep an eye on lots of newspapers and the Sun has led the way in soaking it’s readers in propaganda, in every section, even sports commentary will have the occasional politic swipe.

      This nasty perfidious and odious rag is filled with lies and distortion from the first column inch to the last. The journalists are whores who sell their souls to Murdoch and pretend to be your “Cheeky chappy chums” while constantly whispering lies in your ear.

      Much of the British press is owned by similarly venal and selfish multi-billionaires who use their rags to bolster their own interests regardless of truth or public good.

      Half of the people in this country do not have a clue about what is really happening, because the majority of the press do not want to tell them…

  • CrunchieTime

    It’s a worthless rag. Why invest any thoughts or efforts in its direction?

    • MrSauce

      It’s remarkably popular with the working class.

      • CrunchieTime

        Not in the north west.

        • leslie48

          Do not believe you.

          • Bah Humbug

            Do an internet search for “The Sun Liverpool”

          • leslie48

            Appreciate that but Crunchie Time said the North West and that’s a large area.

          • CrunchieTime

            Have you ever heard of Hillsborough? This rag doesn’t sell in the north west, for good reasons.

    • leslie48

      Because its read by millions including Don’t Knows, because of it’s nasty tirades against Labour, because it’s agenda is repeated by the Tory lapdog BBC. The Labour politicians ( not just poor Ed on his own) should keep banging away about the Tory Sun, Tory Times, Tory Mail etc., to remind the public how biased these daily papers will be in the coming weeks. You have seen nothing yet just wait. The Tory Press needs to be on our agenda as it will be in a few weeks I guarantee that.

  • Malcolm McCandless

    Par for the course, but the Sun is not alone in its editorials, opinion pieces and political commentary taking opposite stances in both its English and Scottish editions.

  • David Pickering

    “Will The Sun just say anything to stop people voting Labour?”

    Probably. But, looking on the bright side, newspapers are dying.

  • Bill Munsie

    Pot kettle black. The Labour Party is continually saying one thing in Scotland and something different in England and Wales as it tries to both appeal to Middle England and win back votes from Jim Murphys Glasgow Man.

  • RWP


  • bikerboy

    You can find pictures of a smiling Tony reading the Sun. It was all OK then.

  • Sylvia

    Wander how many people / buyers READ the Sun (except maybe for the sport)? Or do they just look at the headlines? I guess it’s the headlines but have no means of knowing.


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