Nearly half of the public think the Conservatives’ attacks on Miliband prove they’re the ‘nasty party’, poll finds

15th April, 2015 10:05 am

Nearly half of the public think that the Conservatives’ attacks on Ed Miliband have proven that they’re the ‘nasty party’, a poll has found.

Following Defence Secretary Michael Fallon’s comments that Miliband had “stabbed his brother in the back” over the Labour leadership, ComRes conducted a poll on behalf of ITV to find out how this affected the public’s view of the Tories. The answer is: not well. 46% said it showed they were the ‘nasty party’.

Meanwhile, 51% directly disagreed with Fallon, saying Miliband’s decision to run again his brother (and his subsequent victory in the leadership contest) did not show he had bad moral character. Only 23% thought Fallon was on the right lines with his comments.

When it came to the party campaigns overall, 30% thought the Conservatives’ campaign was “dirty” and 20% thought the same for Labour. Neither party comes out particularly well on this one, as 1/3 of those asked thought both campaigns were ‘boring’ and ‘negative’ while a relatively small proportion of people thought either campaign was inspiring (17% for Labour and 14% for the Tories).

Ed Miliband manifesto launch

Meanwhile the top three election issues, according to this poll, are managing the NHS (49%), controlling immigration 44% and keeping down the cost of everyday items (23%).

When it comes to trusting the parties on the top election issue – the NHS – 37% thought Labour would do best, while the Tories trail 13 points behind them on 24%.

Labour and the Tories are, more-or-less, level pegging on controlling immigration (at 17% and 18% respectively) – unsurprisingly UKIP are seen as the most trusted on this issue with 39%.

However, on a number of election issues Labour are viewed as more reliable than Tories:

Labour Conservative
Make sure the benefits of economic growth are felt by all 34% 24%
Keep down the cost of everyday items, such as food, energy and travel 34% 25%
Improve the education system 31% 26%
Improve housing affordability 36% 20%
Make the welfare system fairer 34% 26%
Provide adequate care for the elderly 34% 19%

Yet, it’s not all good news. When it comes to the following three issues,the Conservatives are seen as more trusted than Labour:

reducing the Government deficit (Lab 21%, Tories 43%), reducing crime and anti-social behaviour (Lab 23%, Tories 31%) and redefining the country’s relationship with the EU (Lab 21%, Tories 26%)

Labour do still have some way to go to convince the public that they’re more credible  than the Tories on these issues. However, they’re seen as more reliable on double the amount of topics than Cameron and co.

And from all of this, it’s quite clear which party is considered the fairest…

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  • bikerboy

    So he’ll get the sympathy vote at least. Crackin’ vid of a Tory Sikh candidate who Ed things is an ethnic minority photo-op complete with racial stereotype…. who then Sturges him. He should have laughed it off, if only he had a normal sense of humour.

  • carlton temple-powell

    I did warn that anti-Semitism would rear its ugly head in this campaign by those who want to attack Ed. We’ve already heard people talking about Ed ‘Not being comfortable in his own skin’ and the historic anti-jewish ‘Stab in the back’ references. I think its now time for the Jewish community itself to weigh in and condemn these slurs against Ed Miliband, be they references to Eds ‘look’ or more traditional anti-jewish innuendo. We don’t want this gutter politics. Kick it out now.

    • treborc1

      Then why the hell if it does not matter did Ed have to go on TV to eat a Bacon sandwich to prove to us all he was not a practising Jew , why do that who the hell cared I sure as hell did not, and while he ate that he looked sick, that is the problem. who the hell told him he had to do that.

      I do not see it as you do, a small minority nut group may care if he is Jewish or catholic but you will get them all the time, same if he was Black or female or whatever these people are Minorities.

      The gutter politics is we are the party of hard working people from both labour and the Tories, leaving 24 million people 11 million disabled sick, eleven million pensioners 2 million unemployed wondering who is in power for them.

      Gutter politics that is where politicians are in the yes of the people, and that is why we are hearing the squeal of politicians …

    • Mighty Oaf

      What on earth? You seem to find anti-semitism where there is none. Saying someone “looks weird” or whatever was said can be said about any person and has precisely zero to do with him being Jewish.

  • Monkey_Bach

    I would extend my thanks to Michael Fallon in particular for all of his tireless work work. Fallon being Fallon has worked wonders for Miliband personally and the Labour electoral campaign generally.


    • denise clendinning

      what a pratt your are

  • treborc1

    Make sure the benefits of economic growth are felt by all… the middle class because the working class can have £8 if they are lucky by 2020.. those on welfare well you scrounging work shy, ve haff Vays of making you vork, we will starve you..

    Labour will keep down prices of food well of course they will….

    Improve the education good god not again your all trying to do this and failing time to give up and leave it to schools.

    Improve housing affordablity for those lucky enough to be able to afford it, those that cannot a mud house building program will take place.

    Make the welfare system fairer and to that end labour will employ one of the greatest welfare specialist in Freud, boy does he know his stuff he was once labour.

    Provide care for the elderly yes that old one again.

    13 years in power .

  • Sunny Jim

    Let’s not play the whiney victims here, it’s weak and unattractive.

    Start hitting back.

  • ErictheRed

    So who do we want negotiating for us in Europe? Nice Labour or someone nasty?


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