Bradshaw and Flint both announce deputy leadership campaigns

16th May, 2015 8:42 am

Two more candidates have entered the fray for the job of deputy leader over the last 12 hours.

Ben Bradshaw told his local party he would seek the role at their post-election get-together last night, before posting his decision on Twitter.

Bradshaw has been the MP for Exeter since 1997, and is one of Labour’s very few MPs in the South West – and he improved his majority last week by around 4,500 votes. In the last Government, he served as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and Deputy Leader of the Commons.

This morning, Caroline Flint also made her intentions clear on this morning’s Today programme, saying she believed the role was about campaigning, supporting the leader, and publicly making Labour’s case through the media.

Flint has been the MP for Don Valley in Yorkshire since 1997, and held roles such as Europe Minister under the last Labour Government. She has been Shadow Energy Secretary since 2011, responsible for policies such as the energy bill price freeze.

Tom Watson and Angela Eagle are already in the running for deputy leader, while Stella Creasy is thought to formally declare soon.

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  • swatnan

    Great stuff! I’m supporting Flint if Andy gets the top job, and Bradshaw if Yvette gets the top job. We need good photogenic people who can speak to the Nation in ordinary language.

    • tiredoflosing

      Err, you won’t know who the leader is when you vote for the deputy.

      • swatnan

        So its going to be a surprise whichever way you look at it.. Just like 2010. Wonder if we can have another election in 2 years time in case we get it all wrong. How do we dump a Leader that is not connecting or up to standard and delivering? 5 years, or a job for life is no longer tenable.
        In fact I’m suggesting that the Leader and Deputy are not elected for a full 5 years etc, but must seek re-election every year, and approval, from the Party, at Annual Conference.

        • wolfman

          It’s a problem………Makes you wonder how many Labour mps would have kept their seats If the Tories hadn’t dumped a useless leader IDS in favour of one not as bad in Howard.

          Be nice If we could do that..

  • Daniel Speight

    Somehow the runners and riders who are applying for both the leader and deputy jobs fail to provide much inspiration. Lots of aspiration though, so that has to be good, doesn’t it?

    BTW wouldn’t it be better if the deputy was the person who came second in the leadership race? It would give at least a slight range of views. That would certainly have made a difference in Scotland last time. Might even help Murphy keep his job if it had been used then.

    So we get the guy who came fourth last time, the woman who is married to the guy who came third, another woman who seems to think we have to sound even more Tory and the Tories, another who I know so little about it’s a crime, and these two losers joining the deputy fray, one of whom suggested that council houses shouldn’t be given to the unemployed.

    Well I guess at least Tom Watson can say the campaign wasn’t my fault as I got fired and replaced by Wee Dougie, the ex-MP beaten as his electorate fancied a 20-year old girl above him. To top it off Chuka has gone. Still there is another Mandelson acolyte already in the mix and he has a wife and kids so the nasty right wing blog won’t be able scare him out, will it? Mind you…

  • Paul Richardson

    Anyone got any numbers on likely support of the contenders. I could ask yougov but they’re going to just say neck-and-neck of course!

  • Billsilver

    Good idea this. Let’s elect a leader with one set of politics stuff, and a deputy who may well have another set of politics stuff. That’s the way to do it! Guaranteed disaster.

  • Sunny Jim

    There is (in my view) a misguided pride in the loyalty shown to leaders when they are under-performing.

    If Ed,or Gordon for that matter, had been shown the door when it became obvious they were becoming an electoral drag then the GE results of 2010/2015 would have been very different imo.

    • Fred Worthy

      Yes Sunny Jim,loyalty just flew out your window then, I’d worry for anyone who had your backing, well for a few hours or a day perhaps, till you withdrew it,Planet ukip for you m’boy, they have your same sense of loyalty.

  • Jack

    Another pair of Blairite throwbacks.

  • Angela Sullivan

    Did Caroline Flint say HOW she was planning to win back trust on the economy? Is her message that Tory economic policies are WRONG and will not cause growth and economic recovery? Or that Tory economic policies are RIGHT – so Labour will be similar, but make the rich contribute a larger share to the cuts.
    Or does she think that a bit of waffle about aspiration is all that’s needed?


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