Is the first Labour leadership hustings tomorrow?

15th May, 2015 1:42 pm

Tomorrow is the Progress Annual conference. As always, they have an impressive array of speakers.

But the lunchtime session,Deciding the decade to come: How does Labour win back Britain?, may be the one that piques the most interest. On the panel are Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Mary Creagh, Tristram Hunt and Liz Kendall.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 13.41.35

All but Hunt have declared that they’re standing to be leader. But now that Chuka Umunna has dropped out of the race, it’s possible that Hunt will throw his name into the hat.

Will this turn out to be the first leadership hustings, then? LabourList will be reporting from the conference tomorrow, so we’ll keep you updated…

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  • Kenneth Watson

    this is wholly uninspirational -sorry abt that

  • Old Radical

    I was showing someone how to sign up to vote in the Leadership Election under the £3.00 Supporter scheme but the link went down. Tried again and the whole site has changed and the Supporter Scheme has now disappeared. It’s not very good if the voter registration rules have changed whilst the election is running.

    • Liam

      They are definitely still keeping the Supporters Scheme. An email went out today to all Labour members that stated:

      “There are three sets of people who can vote:

      Labour Party members — that includes you
      Affiliated supporters — people who’ve signed up as a Labour Party supporter through one of our affiliated organisations or unions
      Registered supporters — people who’ve registered that they support the Labour Party by signing up online and paying a one-off minimum fee of £3”

      They are probably just updating the page to make this information clearer.

  • Monkey_Bach

    The night sky; bruised darkness without a single shining star. Depressing. Eeek.

    • Dan

      Not a Burnham fan?

      • Doug Smith

        He’s the best of a very poor bunch but there’s little consolation in that.

      • Monkey_Bach

        Burnham is too contaminated by his involvement with New Labour during in its glory years, although he seems to be trying, genuinely, to reposition and reinvent himself politically. He’s a decent bloke but may not have the political gravity to pull the party together after recent events. The women are plainly bloody awful – a gaggle of mediocre limited ambitious overreaching harpies. Labour seems less lucky than Shakespeare’s Macbeth who also had three witches brewing black magic in their cauldron to worry him.

        “Double, double, Toil and Trouble
        parties burn and Nonsense bubble.


    • CrunchieTime

      How about if they put the Edstone on stage as a backdrop?

      Would that help to cheer you up?

  • Doug Smith

    Why not go the whole hog and change the name of the Labour Party to Progress?

  • Mukkinese

    Kendall is sounding very Blairite and almost Tory in what she is saying. she accepts the Tory story on Labour’s spending and goes along with the argument that the majority on benefits are out of work. This on the government’s cap, which she agrees with; “voters in my constituency do not feel people who are not working should get more than those in work”. Which is only a reasonable argument if you think that most claimants do not work.

    We have real Tories for this kind of nonsense, why do we need pale imitations?

  • swatnan

    Was thinking of going but changed my mind because going into London for a day plus fee plus refreshments would cost me around £50. We should have had a short sharp campaign instead of this long convoluted process which is going to expose the weaknesses of Labour to the whole World and make Labour a divided Party even more.

  • Old Radical

    Why was the £3 Supporters Scheme taken off the Labour Party website yesterday? Although the scheme is still mentioned and says you can sign up online there is no menu option to do so. Allowing people who support Labour by paying £3 and being allowed to vote for the leader and deputy leader is a good idea and these supporters could easily be converted to full members.


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