Jamie Reed considering Labour leadership bid

11th May, 2015 5:18 pm

Labour MP Jamie Reed has said that he will enter the race for Labour is no candidate stands who he feels represents “marginalised, peripheral communities of our country”.


The Copeland MP told Buzzfeed that whilst he didn’t currently intend to stand, he would join the race if “no candidate give these issues the attention they deserve”. Here’s his full statement:

“As the MP for England’s most remotely accessible constituency from Westminster, I know more than most the serious lessons Labour must learn from this catastrophic defeat.

“Principally, our approach to peripheral areas and non-metropolitan communities has to be fundamentally reassessed, as does our approach to England. London is not England and the next Labour leader needs to listen to the marginalised, peripheral communities of our country as the United Kingdom ‘balkanises’ in front of us.

“A successful Labour Party must always seek to reach beyond special interests and the Labour base. I’m surprised and flattered to have received approaches from colleagues with regard to entering this contest. There should be no rush to elect a new leader and I will set out those areas I believe the party needs to address as part of its central mission in the following days and weeks.

“At this moment, I have no intention of standing for the leadership, but these issues are so critical to the future of our county and our party that should no candidate give these issues the attention they deserve, then I will consider entering the contest to ensure that these voices are heard.”

On the day after the election, Reed wrote a piece for LabourList warning that many MPs saw Labour’s defeat coming…

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  • RWP

    Sorry, unless you’ve been in the cabinet already then please stay out of contention and stop wasting everyone’s time.

    • Peter Colledge

      I defer to those who are before me on this site. I’ve just joined, but I’ve been a Labour party member for over 20 years. But I find the above comment demeaning. We need to heed everyone’s views, surely, especially as this man is one of our successful MPs?

      • Brumanuensis

        He’s in a minority. Don’t worry.

      • bevinboy

        Droll humour Peter.

        With an element of truth, so myopic are the group who messed up.

    • Hugh

      Because the last two leaders from the cabinet enjoyed such success?

    • Chatterclass

      I don’t think it should be the cabinet test, it should be the Prime Minister’s questions test – is the candidate able to hold this government to account, be quick on his or her feet, make the argument on the hop? We really don’t need ‘nice and earnest’, we need a fighter. And about it being a Southerner? Well, that wasn’t a problem for Tony Blair or for David Cameron. People just want a Prime Minister who is capable and compelling, someone they could trust to pull them from a burning building (figuratively)

  • wolfman

    If he’s got something to say lets hear it !!

    Instead of dismissing him….Open up the discussion..

    • Steve Stubbs

      “If he’s got something to say lets hear it !!”

      Have you been walking down the road to Damascus? This from one of the main protagonists on this forum urging the moderators to have people removed because you don’t like what they say.

      Amazing what an unexpected loss of an election can do…….

      Still, I applaud your conversion to free speech.

      • wolfman

        I’m only interested in the opinions of people who care about the Labour party onhere….That rules you out judging by your pre-election posting..

        Given Bill your details yet ??

        • Steve Stubbs

          Still not reading properly yet? I have posted my membership number on this site twice. I have yet to see either yours or Bill’s

          And when I said that the party was in danger of getting it seriously wrong, it seems a large proportion of the electorate agreed.

  • MarkLathamUK

    Good to hear new voices. Reed’s recent piece on LL about seeing defeat coming was honest. We need to road test prospective leaders on local electorates. Get it on with Marr or Neil, Jamie.

  • David Pickering

    I’m not up on the ins and outs of union backing for potential leaders, or if he has any chance, but the Labour party could do a lot worse than elect Jamie Reed. He seems likeable, down to earth, and most important of all, he seems normal.

    After the horrors of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, normal is a very very good thing.

  • Dave C

    He has my vote

  • DanFilson

    This isn’t the place for Labour Party members to discuss the strengths and wesknesses of aspirants, as Labour List comments are often made by those definitely hostile to the Party, but my memory is still very full of an absolute mauling Jamie Reed got on television in a one to one interview which he must have been hoping desperately would end soon. If handling media is one of the Selection Criteria, Jamie should practice a bit more before stepping into the bear pit.

  • Celticchickadee

    would running for deputy perhaps not be more appropriate and likely to succeed Jamie?


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