Labour MPs suggest Lavery as potential leadership candidate

12th May, 2015 6:27 pm

Many names have been pitched into the frame for the Labour leadership contest, but there’s one name that is doing the rounds amongst some Labour MPs hasn’t been reported on yet. Could Ian Lavery be a leadership contender?


It’s worth noting that Lavery himself hasn’t put his name forward, but the popular former NUM President and Wansbeck MP since 2010 would no doubt garner trade union support as well as from a number of both long-standing and newly-elected MPs. Certainly there are those in the party who are talking up the possibility of a Lavery candidacy, but he’s thought not to have begun considering a leadership push at this stage.

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  • Harry Barnes

    We need the NEC to lay down a requirement that anyone standing for
    Leader or Deputy Leader will need to issue a “Manifesto Of Intent”
    explaining the direction in which they would be seeking the Labour Party
    to go. Something that would be at least 3,000 (or so) words long. That
    will (hopefully) give us something to select items from which we can
    later press the winners to deliver.

    But can Ian get sufficient nominations from fellow Labour MPs to stand. If not who is the most progressive hope that could do this?

    • swatnan

      There’s only 3 real people in it and they are Chukka Andy and Yvette.
      So, Keep it Simple, and lets not make things difficult for ourselves.

      • Harry Barnes

        There is nothing difficult about candidates (whoever they are) issuing Manifestoes. Andy Burnham certainly managed to do this during the last leadership elections. Our Labour Party Discussion Group in Dronfield in NE Derbyshire in fact got all of the leadership candidates to come up with at least some bits and pieces (sometimes re-cyled from other items they had published). But this time the NEC can set out the requirements and the job can be done properly. It would show respect for the electorate. I will next provide a link to our Discussion Groups Blog “Dronfield Blather” on this earlier matter. But that will take time to be cleared by Labour List before it appears.

        • James Jacobs

          Great to see your still active Harry. 10 years since leaving parliament and still worth listening to. Any chance of a comeback Harry?

          • Harry Barnes

            James, there is plenty of life and politics outside of Westminster. On my pattern, I recommend retirement for many MPs as they move towards their 70s. On the other hand too many of those looking at leadership posts at the moment are kiddy winkeys who first need to get more parliamentary experience.

            Labour List has not yet given my 2010 link to “Dronfield Blather”, but I will now put a link to it on a new lead item on that site so that it can be found via minimum googling.

          • MarkPolden

            I would argue that after Blair/Brown the party needs a leadership blood change as those elected before 2010 are damaged goods particularly Andy Burnham, remember North Staffordshire.

          • Harry Barnes

            There are numbers who are by no means damaged goods and have a wealth of experience. Post-2010 are wet behind the ears in parliametary terms.

          • Chrisso

            Andy is my MP. Please explain the damaged goods remark, it’s straight from the Tory Press. Don’t believe everything you read!

          • MarkPolden

            Mid staffs is all i need to say

          • Chrisso

            You’ve already said that. And?

        • Dave Postles

          Excellent. Thank you.

      • EnglishBriarRose

        We’re nowhere near the final shortlist, let’s get the funeral over before we start planning a wedding!

      • FMcGonigal

        The more the merrier. The choice should be as wide as possible.

        • swatnan

          it simply dilutes the democratic process.3 is enough. The Tories you may remember had a straight choice between Cameron and Davies, which unfortunately the wrong man won. We had an absurd Leadership contest inc Di Abbott whose leadership potential was nil, but was only there to make up the numbers, and 2 brothers with the same political views because despite what everyone says EdM was never a Red.

      • Malatesta!

        What is “diverse” about those three? Their gender and ethnicity? It certainly isn’t their politics.

      • DanFilson

        “There’s only 3 real people in it and they are Chukka Andy and Yvette.” Says who? I presume the Shadow Cabinet endorsed “A Better Plan, A Better Future” an anodyne piece of drivel of a slogan for ehich all responsible should have been led to the courtyard and shot.

  • Naomi Fearon

    Please-I hope he does. Apparently he has been contacted-would love to see him stand

  • swatnan

    Ian is the only MP I’ve met with a genuinely thick working class accent, but he’d be useless as a Leader of a once great Party.

  • Doug Smith

    Probably Ian is the only person who can prevent the north of England Labour vote going the same way as Scotland’s Labour vote.

    • Ian

      I don’t think people have woken up to how important this is, or just how much trouble the Labour Party is really in. Labour desperately need to consolidate.

  • Wolfie Smith

    Great another left winger.

    Good idea.

    That worked a treat with Ed.

    • Matthew Blott

      Ideological purity is more important than electoral credibility.

      • Jake McQuillan

        Can i just ask …are you a socialist ?

      • Malatesta!

        I’m guessing you consider having political convictions “an infantile disorder”?

    • new_number_2

      Vote for the Tories if you want a right winger.

    • Malatesta!

      What was so left wing about Ed? The manifesto certainly wasn’t left wing. The party allowed the press to paint him as “Red Ed”, but it certainly wasn’t based on his policies.

  • Andrew Bartlett

    I’d vote for him as leader of the party, but he’s got no chance of winning that contest. However, unlike some here, I don’t think he’d do too badly with the wider British public, at least until the Tory press present him as the second coming of Scargill. But then, if you want a party leader that the Tory press will approve of, you probably should have joined the Tory party!

    • Matthew Blott

      I want a leader the public approve of. Or at least enough of the public to win an election.

      • Andrew Bartlett

        Well, there’s one of them sitting in No. 10 right now. If I all I wanted to do was be a member of a winning party I could make that happen in an instant by simply spending £25.

        Not sure I’d get on very well there, but I’d be a member of a party that is in government and I’d have a party leader that enough of the public approve of in order to win a election.

        This is not about ideological purity. But I presume that you want the Labour Party to win elections because they stand for something that the Tories do not, and most likely *cannot* stand for. If we elect a leader who would be perfectly comfortable among the ‘young’ Tory ‘modernisers’ – the trans-Atlantic management consultant guided operators, then why not just join the Conservatives (it’s cheaper!!) and support their wets? They’re in power now, and from the pessimism around here, they’ll be in power for some time unless we ‘go Tory’ on the very issues that make the Labour Party a different, distinctive voice in British politics.

        • Matthew Blott

          You know full well the point I was making.

        • jaydeepee

          Well said, Andrew. ‘Electoral winners’ should be the end point and not the start of the debate.

        • Nicky Easton

          I pay less than £25 a year for membership of the Labour Party, as do I suspect the vast majority of Labourites. And Like most LP members, I don’t belong to the Conservative Party because I am not a selfish bitch singing the “I’m alright, Jack, let’s pull up the ladder.”

      • Dave Postles

        Beware ‘pragmatism’ deteriorating into ‘instrumentalism’.

      • new_number_2

        A million dead Iraqis were the price of that sort of strategy.

        • Matthew Blott

          What a silly comment.

      • Malatesta!

        He’d have more chance off appealing to voters in Scotland and the north of England than any of the other candidates.

        Or have we given up on Scotland now? And are we going to take the north for granted until we get annihilated there as well?

  • James Jacobs

    I hope he does stand. Although my choice for leader is Andy Burnham, I think we need proper left wing voice in the discussion about how we go forward.

    Ian would actually go down really well with working class UKIP voters as well as Scotland, so the idea of having him as leader, though unlikely, would be a breath of fresh air. After all, nobody can accuse him of being a careerist.

  • new_number_2

    It would be far better to have someone like Ian Lavery as Labour leader than some lying Blairite spiv.

    • gpkearns

      Andy Burnham and Tom Watson would make a nice team. Couldn’t be called “north London geeks” could they?

      • tiredoflosing

        Would guarantee a loss in 2015 though.
        Burnham pretending to be of the Ed Miliband left with added football references won’t win anything.
        I’m afraid Andy is the last person you want leading a party.
        Getting beaten by a shallow Minister like Jeremy Hunt is almost impossible, yet he managed it.
        5 years of the Tories asking him about Mid Staffs.

  • Brumanuensis

    It would certainly be nice to have someone with a very different background standing in the leadership election. The declared candidates are all a bit ‘samey’, which is one of the reasons I’m disappointed that Dan Jarvis decided not to stand.

  • earwiggle

    John McDonnell?

    • Malatesta!

      Think he’s said he doesn’t want to stand again.

  • James Moore

    Ian is a stronger candidate than many who have been mentioned and he would certainly get a lot of grass roots support. The big question is can he get 35 MPs to back him? If not he won’t be on the ballot paper.

  • Grytpype

    Like him all you want, support him all you want and argue his policies until you’re blue (??) in the face, but he wouldn’t stand a cat’s chance in hell of winning a general election, the media would tear him to pieces.

  • DanFilson

    Who, ultimately, paid for the “Local People Back Heathrow Expansion” advertidement that distractingly sits between the article and the comments. We should be told.


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