Rumours emerge of September announcement for Labour leadership contest

13th May, 2015 11:59 am

Early reports suggest that the new Labour leader could be announced on the 12th of September – two weeks before the party’s annual conference.

While this story may come from a member of the National Executive Committee (NEC) briefing out early what they think the outcome will be, it is worth noting that the meeting to decide the timetable only starts at 12 noon, and will have to be decided on by a vote. The September 12th date cannot be confirmed until the outcome of that vote.

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  • Sam Jenkinson

    Genuinely think Caroline Flint would be the best of the options left. She speaks more like ordinary people then contenders outlined so far, is experienced, comes from outside the elite bubble and is consistently bulletproof in interviews, debates and in the commons. Yes there would need to be growth in some skill areas, but her talents as a speaker, debater and communicator are unmatched.

  • swatnan

    That means Labour are on holiday for 6 months.
    What is the point of having an Opposition if there is no opposition?
    If HH were to step down this instant then I’d nominate Caroline Flint to be temporary Leader until the Hustings. and Leadership Election.

    • Darren Burgoyne

      Do you just not like Harman?

      September is 4 months away. Plus Parliament goes on recess for summer from 22nd July so not a right not to oppose when they’re not there.
      But if you legitimatley thought that the suggested timetable would make opposition impossible, then what would it matter if Flint was acting leader rather than Harman?

      • Ian Robathan

        Harman is going so as useful as a chocolate teapot now …

      • swatnan

        Thanks for pointing out that our MPs have more holidays than teachers … and get paid a hellavalot more, for doing less than teachers.
        Flint is sharper would take the fight to the Tories whereas HH will simply roll over and be patted like a poodle.

        • Darren Burgoyne

          I’m fine with you not liking Harman if that’s your view, it’s a perfectly reasonable one. It’s not really an argument against having a proper length leadership contest though when the extra time used for it will be the recess

  • Sunny Jim

    2010 redux.

    Tories will make hay for the next few months while we otherwise occupied internally.

  • Sugarcube

    Does anyone else think this is poor quality that a member of the NEC is essentially steering the course before they have even met to discuss and vote. Not good.

  • Ian Robathan

    Pathetic by them if true, don;t they learn any lessons and esp as Harmon is a waste of space as deputy leader as she is going. (well she is a waste of space full stop but thats another story).

    We need a leader in quick, to appoint his/her own shadow cab quick and to oppose 100% everything the Tories will do. Instead 4 months of continuing the same arguments as now, madness.

    Oh Ellie Reeves on FB asked last night for members views and the overwhelming majority said quick. Under OMOV no need to hang around, just get it bloody done and over with by the first week in July. One week to get nominations, 2/3 weeks of hustings and possible special conference, vote.

    Delays only serve those with loads of cash to journey around the country (opps see the issue, bloody progress and the likes of Hunt !).

    • rwendland

      I very much valued the hustings that travelled around the country last time so many members could see and hear the candidates speak, and evaluate them. In the south-west we don’t get many such opportunities. Let’s take the time to do this again.

      • Ian Robathan

        I never said cancel the hustings but last time was far too many and it just dragged on and one with all of them saying pre rehearsed lines to the same old questions. Now we have to wait one month or so just for nominations, the Tories must be laughing at us.

  • James Moore

    As I undestand it, the consensus at the PLP meeting was for a ‘middle course’ wherby the leader would be in place by conference.

    I just hope there will be a candidate worth voting for by then!

    • Ian Robathan

      does not look it at the mo …. Yesterday on the anniversary of John Smith’s death I looked at his speeches, of that of Benn, Kinnock and Skinner. I looked at those of Thatcher and Ashdown. Then compared to the likes of Blair Cameron and yes Ed and there is light years difference in their oratory, style and the command of the language. The ones I mentioned were never beholden to spin doctors and focus groups they just did what was instinctively right from their POV.

      Is there anyone not he back benchers, a reasonable leadership contender like that ?

      • James Moore

        There are rumours that Ian Lavery might run (see seperate article). I doubt if he would win but I would have more faith in him than some names that have been mentioned.

        • Ian Robathan

          totally agree because he is genuine and not made up and that is what I want from a LABOUR leader. Sod who the Tories pick, we lost the election not because of a perceived middle class bias but because of working class voters who voted UKIP int he marginals, yeah the likes of Chukka will appeal to them eh ?

  • Why the long wait? It is clear why Labour lost:

    1. Miliband was successfully protraied as a bloke who couldn’t eat a bacon sandwhich (whatever that means) and a bit sneaky (David Miliband)

    2. Labour would be pushed about by Scottish MP’s raping and pillaging and he was not up to it (I wrote several times he should have fronted up to the virilent Nats himself – he sent Murphy and a transvestite comedian who promptly ran away),

    3. Instead he created a stunt with a stone which was rubbisehed by his own rep on radio. Who ever thought that one up should be sacked asap.

    4. If you’re going to be left wing, go all the way ie massive national homes rebuilding program would have satisfied the young aspirationals.

    5. Tory fear campaign worked because Ed Miliband showed fear in Scotland (see point 2).

    6. LibDems were useful idiots to do the Tories dirty work (provide a brain for Labour) and releasing the joke message from Liam Byrne.

  • Ben Gardner

    It’s a scary thought; but by 2020, Tony Blair will have been the only Labour leader to have won a general election in 46 years.

    • Dave Meredith

      Scary thought indeed. It seems in order to win we need an outstanding candidate like Wilson and Blair. If they are less than outstanding like Callaghan and Brown then we fail. The Tories with their money and newspaper bias can succeed with someone less outstanding in the way that Major succeeded after Thatcher


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