You can help pressure the UN on women’s rights

Bambos Charalambous

By Bambos Charalambous

On Tuesday 8 September 2008, the United Nations yet again voted to postpone the establishment of a dedicated body to promote women’s right’s across the world.

There are many daily abuses of women’s rights not only in the developing world, but also closer to home too. These are well documented on the website UN Gear, which also invites you to sign up to the campaign to put pressure on the UN to get this body up and running as soon as possible. I have signed up to this campaign to send a letter to the UN ambassador and would urge you to do the same – it will take about 30 seconds of your time.

If you want to read further information about the campaign then please do have a look at Kathryn Llewellyn’s blog, which alerted me to the issue in the first place, and also by clicking here.

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