Team Ed thank Twitter trolls

Ed Miliband TweetingBy Mark Ferguson / @markfergusonuk

Yesterday Ed Miliband took part in what his team hope will be the first of many “Ask Ed” events on Twitter. And despite the efforts of some to encourage a hijacking of the Q&A – and some negative media coverage – his team are insistent that it was a success. In fact, Ed’s team seem to be grateful to the “trolls” for the attention they have drawn to the event.

A member of Ed’s team told LabourList:

“Ed’s account gained hundreds and hundreds of extra followers. We got extra interest from online write-ups of the #askedm chat, which just serves to drive even more people to follow Ed on Twitter.”

“We are totally relaxed about the Tory “trolls” posting questions to #askedm. People can write anything they like about any politican whenever they like on Twitter. The point of this is that lots of extra people now follow Ed on twitter and it gets his online profile boosted.”

They’re promising to do another event soon – the question is, who will give us first, Ed, or the trolls?

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