15 Lib Dems who must support Labour, and the NHS, today

22nd February, 2012 11:48 am

Update: The results are in, and they’re not great for the government. More than half of backbench Lib Dems failed to support the government. Of the “Risk Register 15” who signed the original EDM, 4 backed the motion, 2 backed the government and 9 abstained/did not vote. You can see how each individual MP voted below:

Backed the Labour *identical* motion (and were therefore consistent):

Andrew George, Mike Hancock, Greg Mulholland and John Pugh

Opposed the *identical* Labour motion (and were therefore inconsistent):

Duncan Hames and Adrian Sanders

Abstained or failed to vote:

John Leech, Dan Rogerson, Mike Crockart, Annette Brooke, Julian Huppert, Alan Reid, Bob Russell, Martin Horwood and Ian Swales.


Just over three weeks ago, 15 Lib Dems signed an EDM urging the government to abide by the ruling of the Information Commissioner and release the NHS “risk register”. The EDM said:

“That this House expects the Government to respect the ruling by the Information Commissioner and to publish the risk register associated with the Health and Social Care Bill reforms in advance of Report Stage in the House of Lords in order to ensure that it informs that debate.”

Today Labour has an opposition day debate on the same issue, with almost exactly the same wording:

“That this House calls on the Government to respect the ruling by the Information Commissioner and to publish the risk register associated with the Health and Social Care Bill in order to ensure that it informs public and parliamentary debate.”

The wording couldn’t really be any closer – and none of the 15 Lib Dems have since withdrawn their names from the EDM – so they’ll all be supporting Labour when the vote comes this evening, right?

Just to be sure we’ve posted the names of the 15 Lib Dem MPs below – and their Twitter accounts if they have them. Get in touch with them this afternoon. Remind them that they should be voting with Labour this evening. We’ll be posting a list of those who kept their word, and those who didn’t, this evening.

The Risk Register 15 are:

Andrew George (@andrewgeorgeld)

Greg Mulholland (@GregMulholland1)

Mike Hancock

John Leech (@johnleechmcr) (see update)

John Pugh

Dan Rogerson

Mike Crockart

Annette Brooke (@Annette4MDNP)

Julian Huppert (@julianhuppert)

Alan Reid

Bob Russell

Martin Horwood (@MartinChelt)

Duncan Hames (@duncanhames)

Adrian Sanders (@adriansandersmp)

Ian Swales (@iswales)

Update:  John Leech MP signed the EDM, but won’t vote for a motion that says the same thing. Work that one out, if you can… Incidentally, Leech has a majority of less than 2,000.

Note: An earlier version of this post stated that Mike Crockart is the PPS to Sarah Teather. This was incorrect, he served as PPS to Michael Moore MP (Secretary of State for Scotland) however resigned from this post in 2010 over tuition fees. We are happy to amend the post and apologise for any confusion caused.

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