Cameron’s crass ageist attack on Dennis Skinner

30th April, 2012 5:18 pm

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  • Chrissieoap

    Toby Perkins MP for Chesterfield made point of order with regards personal attack on Dennid Skinner. The deputy speaker agreed with Mr. Perkins and stated it has to stop. Osborne made same attack a few months ago.
    The Bullingdon club arrogant posh boys have no manners or respect for their elders and far more experienced parliamentarians.

  • billbat

    Dodgy David Cameron has lost the plot. He was charming with Andrew Marr but loses his temper so quickly when beiing questioned in the Commons. I hope that he will try this technique at the Leveson Inquiry when he will be on oath. Mind you it seems his memory of meetings with the Murdochs is worse than Ruperts.

  • Dennis Skinner is a nasty piece of work, the faux outrage on his behalf is pathetic. This is a man who tried to talk his way through the sombre tributes to David Cameron’s dead son and who refused to stand with the rest of the House when IRA bomb survivor John Wakeham (who lost his wife in the same attack) entered the chamber.  

    • treborc1

      And you came to tell us that load of utter crap.

      • They are simple facts, why should anyone respect a man who shows so little respect? He’s no Tony Benn or Michael Foot who earned respect through their consistency or Parliamentary skill. The man is a bully who spends his days shouting insults across the floor. If you dish it out you should be prepared to take it.

      • They are simple facts, why should anyone respect a man who shows so little respect? He’s no Tony Benn or Michael Foot who earned respect through their consistency or Parliamentary skill. The man is a bully who spends his days shouting insults across the floor. If you dish it out you should be prepared to take it.

        • treborc1

          Lets be honest Cameron today has backed Hunt, if he now has to step down Cameron can scream and bluster all he wants, his position is on the line.

          Miliband has played a blinder.

          • Hunt will go shortly after the elections on Thursday, I couldn’t give a stuff about Cameron or his ministers – they’re hopeless. I just think the gnashing of teeth over Skinner is hypocritical nonsense.

    • Tom Heathfield

       No, he is noty a nasty piece of work. He is honest, hardworking and he is unafraid to stand up for ordinary people against this disgraceful unelected government. He stood by the miners when they were being attacked by the Tories, who used every weapon of the covert and overt state against them when they were fighting for their jobs and communities. Dennis Skinner is one of the finest MPs we have. He got there by hard work and not because of who his family were or where he went to school.

      • Trispw

        He also has never missed a day’s work in the Commons and his expenses are next to nothing. I wish he was my MP

        • AlanGiles

          And he started his working life as a miner as well.

      • GuyM

        He’s a trot, a left wing nut. a dinosaur from a long gone age and it seems whilst he is lauded by people like yourself for all his innuendo and insults, you can’t take it when Cameron dishes a bit out in return and makes a point many will agree with.

        Time for both the Beast and the newt-fancier to retire or be retired.

        • Jocelyn

          I think David Cameron may “retire” to the backbenches long before Dennis Skinner retires from the Commons.

          • GuyM

            Skinner for all intents and purposes is gone, long gone.

            A deluded old man dreaming of socialist revolution sitting quietly in a corner of the commons and having people laugh at him every so often when he wakes up long enough to say something.

          • Jocelyn

            As I say I bet Skinner will remain an MP longer than Cameron will be Prime Minister. 

          • Bootsie

            I’ll have a monkey on that myself, ta.

          • GuyM

            Oh I hope so, keeping a left wing nut in the commons to be laughed at by all and sundry is a useful thing to see now and then.

            Much as like it benefits all to see Benn, Crowe, McCluskey and the like in the media as much as possible.

            Every time you realise who represents the “working class” you know the middle class will collectively shudder and say no thanks.

          • Jocelyn

            I’m sure Dennis will appreciate the endorsement, Guy.

          • Bootsie

            Is this the real GuyM or his doppelgänger? Have they ever been seen in the same room at the same time?

        • Tom Heathfield

           Dennis is not a Trot, and as for being a dinosaur he has always been, and remains, in favour of progressive policies  which improve the lives of ordinary people and reduce the hold that old money, old school people like Cameron have over our country. Seeing Cameron call him a dinosaur a while back was laughable because it was so utterly hypocritical. The real dinosaurs in the UK are those  who, like Cameron and a great many Tories, want to turn the clock back to an age when they had all the money and all the rights and ordinary people were in servitude to them. As for dishing it out, Dennis’s question was a fair one from a senior backbencher to a prime minister who is generally believed to be in this Murdoch business all the way up to his bald patch, and Cameron’s reply lacked taste, class or decency.

          • June Helm

            Very true Tom. Dennis Skinner is an icon and I wish we had a lot more Labour MP’s like him. We need someone with a bit of fight in them to let people know what these Tories are really like

  • treborc1

    It just shows who you hand pick people because of family or education or how much money they have in the bank or whom they are related too.

    Just shows how politics are now more about rich or whom you support then actually about your beliefs.

  • Just_Another_Voter

    But when Dennis Skinner dishes it out to the Tories, Labour supporters love it.
    I’m sure he can take it.

    • treborc1

       Take it and give it a dam sight better then Cameron

  • Cameron is more than seriously rattled by this whole business. Listening to Cameron on the radio today the note of hysteria in his voice was even more apparent than usual. And the rude outburst captured in the vid is the behaviour of a man on the ropes.

    He just doesn’t seem to be up to the job.

    • treborc1

      Lets be honest when your the leader you have to be able to take the pressure, so far Cameron has been shouting a lot for no reason which is making him look weak.

      Strong people suck it up and then come out with  cool calculated responses to help the situation and sadly Miliband is doing that, while Cameron is flustered.

      People will be wondering why Cameron was picked as leader, answer because he looked and sounded like Blair, Blair has gone  and it could be that Cameron is as well

  • Brumanuensis

    Skinner was, of course, absolutely right in his diagnosis.

    Cameron is just pathetic. In recent weeks he seems to have become incapable of controlling himself in public. He has constant eruptions and outbursts whenever someone starts questioning him too hard. A classic sign of an unhappy man who is struggling to get on top of his job and responds by taking it out on others.

    Gordon used to behave rather similarly in private by all accounts – remember how Sue Nye got blamed for Gillian Duffy – and the Tories used to slate him for it. Go on then. Apply your standards equally. If it was wrong when Gordon did it – which is was – then it’s wrong when Cameron does it.

  • Bootsie

    I think David Cameron is becoming teasy and petulant because he’s losing his hair while the much older Dennis Skinner isn’t. Cameron’s father was a baldy and over the next ten years or so he’s going to become one too. There’s nothing worse than a liverish, temperamental slaphead! Remember Daniel Hannan? Arrrrgggghhhh!

    • treborc1

       Tony Blair as well

    • James

      Yea. Blair is receding from the front while Cameron’s parting is widening and his hair is going at the back. He’s going to have one of those heads that looks a bit like a chimpanzee’s backside in fairly short order. Perhaps he should try rubbing Regaine foam into his scalp at the back two times a day?

      • Bootsie

        He’ll probably just opt for a comb-over I expect.

        • James

          Well, that’s what he does in politics isn’t it?

  • Derek

    Dennis has a wise and experienced head, his years as a MP for the working class is probaly a thorn in the Tory,s side and the likes of Cameron and his little inexperienced boys and girls ‘do not like it, up um’      so therefore they should respect what Dennis has to say and the contribution he makes on behalf of the Labour party.  I hope he go’s on for years

  • Chrissycombes

    I ate ageism in all its forms – the last ‘ism’ to go – except it hasn’t.  Just shows Cameron up for what he is, self satisfied and unaware, beneath comtempt.


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