National Policy Forum – the results

20th June, 2012 12:03 pm


The results of Labour’s NPF election are as follows:

East Midlands

BROOKFIELD, Julie 2,010 Elected
ELLIOTT, Dawn 1,473 Elected (Quota)
FARNSWORTH, Marietta 1,363
FURLONG, Andrew 2,399 Elected
GLOVER, Mark 2,096 Elected
LOWE, Julie 1,382
MOHAMMED, Adam 1,931
MORGAN, Charmaine 1,304
NPF Youth Representative
BAILEY, Rebecca
Elected Unopposed


CARTWRIGHT, Russell 1,627
CURTIS, Katie 1,417
HOLLAND, Jenny 2,143 Elected
MAYER, Alex 1,888 Elected
TROLLOPE, Lorna 1,851 Elected
VALENTINE, James 1,379
ZEICHNER, Daniel 2,267  Elected
NPF Youth Representative
RAE, Sarah
Elected Unopposed


GAVRON, Nicky 5,717 Elected
HEATHER, Gary 2,971
OGILVY, Catriona 2,650
OR-BACH, Alon 3,815 Elected
PERRY, Alice 4,411 Elected
RYAN, Joan 3,295
TWYCROSS, Fiona 4,068 Elected
NPF Youth Representative
HUSSAIN, Sally 182 Elected
WOLFSON, Ronit 97


FORBES, Nick 3,208 Elected
KILLEN, Veronica 1,980
MORDEY, Michael 1,950
RIRIE, Brynnen 2,057 Elected
TWIST, Liz 2,657 Elected
WALLIS, Nick 2,402 Elected
NPF Youth Representative
HAY, Alex 60
JOHNSON, Daniel 65  Elected

North West

ALI, Azhar
2,802 Elected
AMESBURY, Mike 3,289 Elected
GRIFFIN, Theresa 4,608 Elected
GROVES, James 1,849
HARDING, Joanne 3,496 Elected
JONES, Elaine 2,328
LOWTON, Rhiannon 1,353
WISEMAN, John 2,398
NPF Youth Representative
HUGHES, Chris 96  Elected
LAVELLE, Anthony 90
O’NEILL, Joe 50


ADAMS, James 1,460 Elected
DUNCAN, Pam 1,134
FYFE, Maria 1,590 Elected
HENDERSON, Ann 1,071
MCKAY, Gordon 1,053
MILLER, Ian 1,359  Elected
MURRAY, Katrina 1,241  Elected
NPF Youth Representative
YOUNG, Darren
Elected Unopposed

South East

BROUGHTON, Marjory 1,751
BURGESS, Simon 2,779 Elected
GARDINER, Deborah 2,618 Elected
LANDLES, Karen 2,544 Elected
PHILLIPS, Martin 2,877 Elected
STILL, Joyce 2,293
TANNER, John 2,155
NPF Youth Representative
Elected Unopposed

South West

DAVISON, Ray 900
DHILLON, Keir 1,569
FORD, Glyn 1,913 Elected
MOODY, Clare 1,463 Elected (Quota)
NAYSMITH, Douglas 1,590 Elected
PHILLIPS, Ann 1,040
ROSSER, Helen 914
WESTON, Brenda 1,531 Elected
NPF Youth Representative
DAVEY, Bethan
Elected Unopposed


DAVIES, Nick 2,087 Elected
HANSON, Margaret 1,512
HARLE, Annabelle 1,896 Elected
HUNT, Anthony 1,271
HUTTON, Donna 1,987 Elected
MILES, Jeremy 1,211
REES, Christina 1,699
SANDISON, Hamish 895
WILLIAMS, Darren 2,381  Elected
NPF Youth Representative
Elected Unopposed

West Midlands

ALI, Shaukat 2,517 Elected
PEACOCK, Stephanie 2,909 Elected
SAMUELS, Sandra 2,686 Elected
SEYMOUTH-SMITH, Lucy 2,425 Elected
WATKINS, James 2,313
NPF Youth Representative
HALE, Charlotte
Elected Unopposed

Yorkshire &
The Humber

BURGON, Richard 2,242
CHARLWOOD, Rebecca 1,981
CRYER, Ann 3,799 Elected
HANLEY, Jamie 2,044
HODDINOTT, Emma 2,528 Elected
HUSSAIN, Mahroof 2,162
MCMANUS, George 2,446 Elected
THURSFIELD, Denise 2,344 Elected
NPF Youth Representative
Elected Unopposed
BROOKS, Nicki 967
CADBURY, Ruth 1,323  Elected
CORNFORTH, Angela 1,363  Elected
LAWRENCE, Roger 1,024  Elected
MARTIN, Sandy 1,002
PAYNE, Michael 1,005
SWIFT, Steve 1,132  Elected

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