Danny Alexander throws a strop with the SMF

An interesting exchange, as reported on the Social Market Foundation website:

Ian Mulheirn: In June 2010, when the [fiscal consolidation] plan was set, the OBR was expecting growth this year to be 2.9%, and now the IMF thinks it will be -0.4%. […] But if the OBR had said [in June 2010] “there will be a double-dip recession if you do this”, would you have said; “we’ll do it anyway because it’s the right thing to do”?

Danny Alexander: Well, you can ask as many counterfactuals as you like, I’ll talk about the decisions we made and why we made them. I think that is the right way, in fact, the only way, that I’m going to answer those questions.

It was a yes or no question, Danny…

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