Ed Miliband’s speech – just the One Nations, all 46 of them

4th October, 2012 1:51 pm

Ed Miliband said One Nation 46 times on Tuesday. The brilliant Alex Hern from the New Statesman has done a “supercut” – all the one nations in ninety seconds:

Do you think he thinks we’re One Nation?

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  • Serbitar

    Some time in 2007 I remember Blair blathering in a similar fashion about his vision of Britain as a “young country” in a manner similar to and as meaninglessly as Ed Miliband’s latest “one nation” schtick. 

    History repeats itself.

    As did Blair and now does Miliband… 46 times no less!

    Repetitious mantra chanting from a leader like this is a tad too cultish for my liking. 


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