Quote of the day: Arnie on Labour’s stitch up culture

22nd November, 2012 10:00 am

In an excellent profile by Rowenna Davis of Arnie Graf (who Ed Miliband has brought to the UK to look at the party’s organisation), Arnie says:

“if you want to stitch up everything, maybe that’s why you’re losing so badly …'”

The whole piece is well worth a read – and I’ll be writing later on Graf and what his plans mean for Labour.

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  • Redshift1

    I don’t like the write up frankly.

    His emphasis IS NOT on things like open primaries (even if he is in favour). His emphasis is on the cultural change that is needed within the Labour Party, so that our members feel empowered and feel they can use the party to campaign for social change both in and out of elections.

    e.g. The whole switch together campaign that we ran was all about applying some Arnie Graf logic (i.e. if you can get enough people together, you can collectively bargain a better energy deal by threatening to switch en masse). The problem with it was of course, that it was a badly publicised top-down campaign rather than the grassroots kind of thing that Arnie would like to see. I’m guessing he’d approve of the progreess though.

  • aracataca

    Much of the culture grew from the reaction against Militant in the 80s and 90s. It was necessary at the time but has outlived its usefulness. Members must be given back much more power.


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