What the Coalition audit won’t tell you

9th January, 2013 4:06 pm


It’s already clear that the Coalition “audit” isn’t the list of 70 broken pledges that we’d all been led to expect (No.10 claims that would be too simplistic, which is one of the most spectacular pieces of spin we’ve heard in quite some time).

However even the text itself is missing quite a few things, including the one section that says, “We recognise that deficit reduction, and continuing to ensure economic recovery, is the most urgent issue facing Britain.”

Yet there’s no mention of growth figures – nevermind the double-dip recession.

Similarly in the section on deficit reduction there’s no mention of broken pledges to balance the books and get debt down by 2015 – let alone the fact that borrowing has risen over the past year.

Journalists will be trawling through the document this afternoon.

They shouldn’t bother – it’s a partial document from a government who are marking their own homework…

Update: Here’s a broken promise that the Tories haven’t even tried to cover up…

No top down reorganisation

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