A weekend of action against Sarah Teather

8th February, 2013 12:51 pm

As Mark reported earlier this week, Brent Central MP Sarah Teather voted against equal marriage on Monday, despite having written several times about her support for the policy, and despite a history of vocal claims to support LGBT equality in her constituency.

Even beyond voting for her Government’s cuts agenda, this is a fundamental betrayal of the people of Brent, and we want to make sure she knows how angry our community is about being let down and misrepresented in this way.

Brent is the second most diverse borough in the UK, and we have a uniquely strong faith network, with people from all religions and creeds living side by side. Whether Muslim like me, Catholic, Hindu, Church of England, Buddhist or other religions – our churches, temples and mosques are the busiest in London. But we are also united in our fight for LGBT rights and share a fundamental belief in equality for everyone in our Borough, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, background or birth.

So we have organised a weekend of action  to deliver a petition asking Sarah Teather to apologise to Brent Central’s 16,000 strong LGBT community in the 4 wards in Brent Central which currently have Liberal Democrat Councillors.

I am asking for Labour Party Members from all over London, who are as shocked as I am at this betrayal, to come help us get out the message. We are meeting at Willesden Green Station on the jubilee line at midday on both Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February. I hope to see you there.

Many thanks,

Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council

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  • NT86

    ROFL, LL really doesn’t like Sarah Teather. As Brent is so diverse, might she have felt that voting for it would have angered more socially conservative constituents? That itself would be a moot point as Glenda Jackson and Barry Gardiner (the other two Brent MP’s) voted in favour of the Bill.

    • She has always expressed views which were the opposite to the way she voted. Hard to trust someone who does that.

  • Yeah…..Brent is diverse…..and it’s got lots and lots of social conservative immigrants. Wake up and smell the coffee guys.

  • aracataca

    I will never fully understand how she won in 2010 in the first place – dreadful woman!

    • jaime taurosangastre candelas

      Is that because you are – in the modern phrase – “hard of understanding”?

      At a simplistic level, she won more votes than any other one of her opponents in a FPTP system that all candidates understand, even if grossly imperfect.

      • aracataca

        I don’t think so. I am just perplexed and astonished at how anybody in Brent could see her as a preferable MP to Dawn Butler.

        • jaime taurosangastre candelas

          Your ability to be perplexed and astonished is not under doubt, but you set yourself a low “bar”. Somewhat more critical thinking, logical deduction and self-challenging analysis would see you being less continually perplexed, etc. It might also stop you arguing, daily and repeatedly, mostly senselessly and well beyond the point of losing with Alan Giles.

          I point out that Alan Giles and I are almost at polar opposites of each other in political views and if we chose, we could “knock seven bells” out of each other, and both retire bloodied but considering ourselves correct (and he would still be wrong), but at least he has a brain, and he uses it, and at least I acknowledge that he has great life experience, and that is not “to be sniffed at”.

          • aracataca

            Not sure what Alan has got to with this debate he hasn’t even commented here. Besides which he has stated that he is unconcerned about the issue of Gay marriage and in this respect his opinion reflects mine.

            Everybody has a brain JT it’s an anatomical fact- confirmed by any medical book – you must take a look next time.

      • Quiet_Sceptic

        I fear a misdiagnosis doctor, I suspect he actually has an acute infection of ‘politicus tribalus’. A particularly nasty infection, it typically spreads amongst members of political parties, normally via attendance at branch meetings or other functions.

        It dulls the capacity for critical thought and promotes group thinking, typical symptoms are an unquestioning belief in the superiority of your own tribe, an inability to understand why the public doesn’t share that belief and a belief that honesty and sincerity are found only within your own tribe (all other tribes are dishonest liars).

  • Winston_from_the_Ministry

    It’s almost like she doesn’t realise she should just do whatever you tell her.

    The gall of the woman.

  • If Sarah Teather thinks that Catholic heterosexuals have the right to interfere in the lives of non-Catholic gay people then presumably she would agree that the opposite holds true? I suggest protesting the church she attends, St. Mary Magdalen’s, St Andrews Road, Willesden Green. Masses on Sunday at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.

  • jaime taurosangastre candelas

    Has anyone polled these Brent people, with their diverse but strong attachment to various religions, all of which demand greater social conservatism than agnosticism or atheism which is the English way these days since the CofE stopped being relevant and thus became abandoned? Councillor Butt may well find the that Brent people are more socially conservative than he wishes them to be, and that maybe he is the one “out of line” with local opinion, and Sarah Teather “in line”.

    Of course, it will be easy to find 100 locals in agreement with him, to arrange a noisy little demonstration for the local paper to photograph. It is the 100,000 silent majority who count, however.

    • aracataca

      You have been a busy boy counting all those people in Brent- astonishing accuracy though- congratulations!

      • jaime taurosangastre candelas

        You miss my point, which is that if the argument is advanced that Brent is in favour of equality of marriage, and also is declared to be enormously diverse with (in comparison to a national average) over-representation of faith groups known to be socially conservative, then the logical tenet of the argument is suspect.

        I have measured nothing, I merely observe a probable logical fallacy, and therefore question the conclusion of the person who advances the original argument.

        • I would have thought it was a question of what we think is right and what we believe. You don’t water down very basic principles like equality on the grounds of sexuality and opposition to discrimination no matter what some may think.

      • Hugh

        Not half as busy as Butt, who manages to imply that Brent’s Catholics, Protestants and Muslims are all united in favour of gay marriage (despite the official position of each religion follow being against it). That would appear – on the face of it – to be nonsense.

        • aracataca

          I guess opinions are divided across faiths but nothing like sweeping generalisations to make a Saturday complete, eh Hugh?

          • Hugh

            Not sure I made a sweeping generalisation, did I? Rather, Butt did.

          • aracataca

            You both did.

          • Hugh

            Perhaps you’ll explain what generalisation I made. I suggested that given orthodox Catholicism, Anglicanism and Islam are all against gay marriage it was a tad unlikely Brent’s Catholics, Anglicans and Muslims are entirely united in support. That would seem to me a statement of the obvious.

  • aracataca

    The point is she has been saying the exact opposite of what she voted for on Tuesday for the last 10 years.It’s yet another infuriating example of a Fib Dem saying one thing and endorsing something completely different once they’re elected.

  • jaime taurosangastre candelas

    That 16,000 LGBT figure confidently advanced by the Councillor, apparently in 4 of the 9 wards of Brent Central (total electorate 73,000, and even allowing for those unregistered, perhaps no more than 100,000?). Is there evidence for this figure?

    4/9 of 100,000 = 44,444 people, of whom apparently 16,000 LGBT. And this among a population also confidently asserted by the Councillor to be strongly diverse, with an over-concentration of members of socially conservative religions.

    Goodness, how dull my life is that these sort of extra-ordinary figures do not routinely slap me about my face and challenge the reality of what I observe around me. I must have been missing out.

    Councillor Butt really wants us to believe that 36% of Brent Central’s 4 Lib Dem wards are LGBT, and also the second most diverse area in England, full of religiously and socially conservative people? Is there not a phrase “Pull the other one, it has got bells on it”?

    • aracataca

      You generally tend not to bother too much with empirical evidence though, do you JT especially if it gets in the way of a bit of good old fashioned dogma and prejudice? Just because the leaders of a particular religious group say they don’t agree with Gay marriage it doesn’t necessarily follow that all adherents of that religion automatically swallow that opinion hook, line and sinker. Everyone is different JT you must take a look next time.

      • Hugh

        It doesn’t necessarily follow that all adherents of that religion automatically follow the line of the leadership. It does more or less follow that if you suggest they all follow the exact opposite line you’re probably mistaken or making it up.

        • aracataca

          Of course.That’s my point. Cllr Butt is simply seeking support for the alternative point of view. The real issue here though is that Teather has been saying one thing for years and even said she supported Gay marriage but when it came to last Tuesday’s vote she did the exact opposite of what she had previously said she supported. It’s kind of classic flaky Fib Dem behaviour.

          • Hugh

            No, Cillr Butt is claiming Brent’s Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, Anglicans, Buddhist or other religions are united in the fight for LGBT rights (in this case, meaning being united in support for gay marriage). We know that, because that’s what he says. And, it’s almost certainly not true, and yet you take issue with anyone pointing out that rather obvious fact.

          • aracataca

            I didn’t take the ‘we’ used here to mean every person of faith in Brent. Of course Cllr Butt cannot speak for everyone of faith in Brent and I imagine that if questioned he would not purport to do so.
            In truth I think he was trying to articulate the sentiments of those people of faith who are in favour of (or indifferent to) gay marriage and to challenge the generalised myth that holding a religious faith and opposition to gay marriage are interchangeable positions.

  • rekrab

    Muhammed, how do you answer the question about the shocking levels of neglect in one of our NHS hospitals from 2005 to 2008.I ask the question because I’d imagine if labour start throwing stones I’m pretty sure there will be some rocks thrown back.

  • rekrab

    Muhammed, how do you answer the question about the shocking levels of neglect in one of our NHS hospitals from 2005 to 2008.I ask the question because I’d imagine if labour start throwing stones I’m pretty sure there will be some rocks thrown back.

  • rekrab

    ” But we are also united in our fight for LGBT rights and share a fundamental belief in equality for everyone in our Borough” does that mean you support the right for muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol? the equality question goes beyond just same sex marriage.

    • Stephen Sharp

      They have that right under law.

      That’s what equalty means. If they choose through relgion (which is a personal choice) to not do something that’s super, especially if they have no wish to force that value on anyone else.

      Sexuality is not a choice. The law has conspired to make them 2nd class citizens and I can’t even slightly begin to see how a reasonable person who disagree with addressing that.

  • David B

    The idea that everyone must have the same view on every issue is quit frightening.

  • Its not ‘every issue’. Its a matter of fundamental equality

    • Stephen Sharp

      Exactly. By all means have a view on whether you like gay people but you shouldn’t get a view on whether they are allowed to be.

    • David B

      In your opinion it is a matter of “fundamental equality”, but everyone is entitled to an opinion and as soon as we attack people for a different opinion we are on a slippery slope. She is entitled to a view and like every issue there are shades of grey.

  • Delme Greening

    As a Lib Dem, I’m not happy with her but you cannot be so hypocritical as to run a targetted campaign against her. Remember when the vote took place that more LABOUR MP’s voted against than Lib Dem. This can be misleading when there are more Labour MP’s so look at the percentages.

    45% Tory MP’s Voted against
    9% Labour MP’s voted against
    7% Lib Dems voted against

    Why pick one person? Get your own house in order first!


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