Parliament is “too Middle Class” says Miliband

In an interview with The House Magazine, Ed Miliband talked about his plans to get a more representative and diverse Parliament – especially in terms of making it less Middle Class:

“What you are going to see from us this year, as we select our candidates now the boundaries are settled, as we target those 100 or so seats for the General Election, is a party reaching out to all parts of the country but also a party that’s going to get people from all backgrounds: business people; I want more people who are military and ex-military, like Dan Jarvis, in the Party. People from all class backgrounds because frankly I think Parliament is too middle class and doesn’t have that diversity that it needs to have.”

Eagle-eyed readers will remember the story that we broke at Labour Party conference last year, when it was revealed that the party will now be taking class into account as party of its selection rules.

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