Tory Council Candidate: “Conservatives are not racist. So many of the Conservatives have foreign wives after all.”

16th January, 2014 12:09 pm

Just when you thought Tory council candidates had learned to stop shooting themselves in the foot (or that those who did the foot shooting has defected to UKIP) here’s an absolute corker from Camden candidate Edward de Mesquita, in an interview with the Camden New Journal:

“Conservatives are not racist. So many of the Conservatives have foreign wives after all.”

But he’s not stopping there:

“Many of the racists in this area are old people or less privileged people. How could I be racist? I have a Chinese girlfriend. Most of the girlfriends I’ve had have been very international. I tend to go for non-white women. 

“So, when I go out door knocking, and people tell me the Conservatives are racist, I could say: ‘No, now come on. I have a Chinese girlfriend.’”


“We have got whatever they have got, if they [Labour] have a Bangladeshi woman then we could get a Bangladeshi woman. In fact, I met one the other day.”

And finally:

“Last time I compared me trying to talk to the pub to a Jew trying to talk to Himmler. Police told me that was a wrong choice of analogy. I only chose it because I am interested in German history. I think that was the wrong thing to say, because it is actually far more like the situation with Israel and Palestine, or with Syria and the Sunnis or perhaps even the Tamils and the Sri Lankan government.” 

Well, what can you say to that…?


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  • Bik Byro

    Wow, a candidate who is going to stand in a council election! Clearly a big hotshot then who speaks for the whole conservative party. We can all cherry-pick individuals from ALL political parties who have done or said something stupid; this article is desperate and pathetic.


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