Final “Collins Review” document released ahead of Special Conference

7th February, 2014 12:37 pm

As we reported earlier this week, the Collins Review proposals for party reform were passed by the NEC on Tuesday. They’ve now been released by the party to allow scrutiny, discussion and debate amongst party members ahead of the final vote at Special Conference on March 1st, although many of you will have read a draft version – one was leaked to the Guardian earlier this week.

You can read the final report below:

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  • Doug Smith

    A long suicide note.

    Once the unions have gone there’ll be no going back. The unions will adjust to the new situation and probably, some years hence, back another party. And the Labour party will be left languishing, competing with the LibDems on the variable terrain of community politics, as mapped out by Arnie Graf.

    National relevance will only be achieved via a coalition with a larger party or single issue campaigns.

    One can but wonder: why on earth are they doing it to themselves?

    • giselle97

      You really should try thinking outside of the box. This is a good action for the Labour Party.

      • Doug Smith

        Perhaps you could help me out and explain why.

      • rekrab

        Me to! please explain?

    • Chilbaldi

      I agree with your criticism of Arnie Graf but not with your ultimate conclusion. Fear not – Arnie Graf will be forgotten post 2015.

  • Redshift1

    Whilst I’m still not a fan, I think this does represent a big climbdown by the leadership. This is nothing like as worrying as the initial proposals.

  • MikeHomfray

    I’m happy with this. I am surprised so few recognise that it is part of a strategy to ensure that a cap of 5000 is placed on all donations and that Labour will get this through parliament with the support of the smaller parties who get very few institutional donations

    • rekrab

      It wont go through parliament before 2015.

      It’s breaking the trade union link that’s the real problem. You either support the trade unions plight to strengthen their members terms and condition or you don’t, seems there is very little support within today’s labour party for the trade union movement, more often than not the PLP use the unions as a political football to kick about because the leader and PLP thinks it bigs them up.

      Are you a trade union supporter Mike? are you a trade union member Mike?

      • MikeHomfray

        The donations cap won’t be in place before 2015, but there is also nothing legally to stop the unions making election donations – because there is no cap on institutional donations!
        There is no breaking of the trade union link at all in this proposal. No, I’m not a union member at present because I don’t have a permanent job, but a range of temporary/sessional/self employed ones.

        • rekrab

          You’ve written before about your employment and how you like to choose your own hours and terms, that’s fair enough for someone in your line of work but should you really be so vocal about an institution your not even a member of?

          They told us foundation hospitals were a good idea, well they got the completely wrong. They say nothing has changed with the trade union link yet 2 conveners have been sacked by Ineos in Falkirk and Ed, has said nothing in their support? so what kind of link is going on here?

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