Tory Minister says teenagers will have to “work forever”

Is it any wonder young people aren’t flocking to the Tory Party? Not only have they announced plans to slash benefits for young people today, but the Skills Minister took to a fringe event earlier to tell Britain’s teenagers that they will “work forever”.


According to Politics Home, Nick Boles told a Policy Exchange event:

“My message to them, which always puts them back on their feet but makes them laugh, is that basically they’re going to work forever, their generation…I might just get to retire because I’m just about old enough that retirement ages still exists, but these 16, 17, 18, 19-year-olds, they’re basically going to be working 50,60 years if they’re lucky.”

Vote Tory, don’t get a pension, and “work forever”? What a remarkably upbeat vision for Britain’s young people…

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