Double defection – Two councillors quit Tories and join Labour

30th October, 2014 7:40 pm

Two councillors have defected from the Tories to Labour in Dudley this evening. Glenis Simms and Cheryl Billingham have resigned from the Conservative Party and joined majority Labour Party on Dudley Council, and were welcomed into the party by Shadow Transport Secretary Mary Creagh as well as local MP Ian Austin.

Dudley Defection

Simms told the Express and Star:

“People are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet under this Government. Labour seems to be the only party to have a plan to help people with the cost of living. As an ordinary working mother, I no longer feel at home in David Cameron’s Conservative Party.”

Whilst Billingham said:

“The Conservative Party is out of touch and no longer stands up for ordinary hard working people in Dudley. When I first became a Councillor, all I wanted to do was stand up for my local community. Under today’s Leadership I have found that impossible.”

Austin welcomed the double defection, saying:

“I’ve always thought Glenis and Cheryl have done superb work on Dudley Council and I’m delighted to welcome them to the Labour team. They have represented wards in Dudley in seats that will help determine the outcome of next year’s election and this shows that even senior local Conservatives believe that neither the Tory Party nor UKIP have the answers to local people’s concerns.”

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  • Jane Manby

    This just shows the shallow nature of politics today, you can just swap parties and no one bats an eyelid. Those involved are so intend on being politicians any party will do for them and any party will take them, no matter what their politics are. They retain their seat and the party they defect to gains one. Conservative to extra right, i.e UKIP I understand but conservative to labour. Suddenly became socialists did they?
    And they wonder why the electorate feel disdain and contempt for politicians.

    • Leon Wolfeson

      Rejecting people who become uncomfortable with Tory policy isn’t a good idea. Indeed, under Labour’s current strategy, they need millions of those people.

      (Also Socialist, really? Are you TRYING to drive people away? What’s wrong with broad-based left-wing policies, which poll well when individually polled for…)

      • Sionny

        The labour party is a democratic socialist party. Says so on my membership card.

        • Leon Wolfeson

          And…I don’t really care about the propaganda.
          Socialism hasn’t come into it since the 1970’s, I note Labour’s no longer even members in the Socialist International. They seem to prefer other Neoliberal parties supposedly of the “left”.

          Also, the 1945 policies were not, as much as you might want them to be, broadly speaking socialist. Of the left, most definitely…

        • Jimmy Sands

          Does indeed. Tony’s idea as I recall.

    • gunnerbear

      I wonder if they will resign and trigger by elections or just hang on?

      • Luke

        There is no need to resign both councillors have less then 6 months each election costs £25,000 why waste tax payers money for 6 months

  • swatnan

    Now tell us the real reason why they jumped ship. Was it because they would have lost their seats as Tories in the next round of elections, or was it that they fell out with their Tory collegues over alowances for lucrative Tory Party positions? Or both.

    • Guest

      Look, just because you’ve been there…


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