Katy Clark will run for Scottish Labour deputy leader

1st November, 2014 11:42 am

Katy Clark

Katy Clark, MP for North Ayrshire and Arran, has announced that she will run for deputy leader of the Scottish Labour Party. The position is vacant following Anas Sarwar’s resignation on Thursday night, and the contest will run alongside the race for leader. A timetable for the deputy leadership has yet to be formalised, and Sarwar will remain interim leader until December 13th.

Clark has been an MP since 2005, and is seen as a left-winger within the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP). In a statement on her website, she said:

“I have submitted a declaration to the Scottish Labour Party that I intend to stand for deputy leader and will be seeking nominations from colleagues over the weekend. I wish to pay tribute to both Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar for the leadership they have provided to Scottish Labour over the last 3 years. This however is not about individuals. We must recognise that  Scottish politics has changed and it can’t be business as usual. The vast majority of people want a secure job, a decent home and access to good quality public services. This is prevented for too many by wealth being held in the hands  of a minority. It is unacceptable in the 21st century that people have to queue at a foodbank to feed their children. These are the issues I will be addressing throughout the campaign. I will make a full statement on Monday.”

It is likely that some pressure had been put on Sarwar to stand down to ensure that the Scottish Labour’s leadership team would not be comprised solely of Westminster MPs or of men – however, there are no rules in place that prohibit either.

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  • Doug Smith

    Excellent news!

  • Mark Gallagher

    wait for a left candidate in a scottish labour party election and 2 come along at once 🙂

  • Duncan Hall

    She’s excellent. I actually think she would have been a very good choice for leader but, regardless, she’s just what Scottish Labour needs and is able to convincingly outflank the nats very well to their left. Great news 🙂

  • jaime taurosangastre candelas

    What happens if both Katy Clark and Jim Murphy win the ballots for the positions? It is at least theoretically possible. Both MPs, one on the right wing of Labour, the other the left. Neither able to speak in Holyrood, and probably not able to agree a coherent position between them. Meanwhile the UK Labour Party has not advocated any particular position very strongly to the devolution commission which is meant to be coming up with proposals before either could be elected.

    I do appreciate that sometimes the needs of democracy yield messy results, but this could be a spectacular own goal for Labour in Scotland five months before the election.

    • Doug Smith

      All the more reason not to vote for Murphy, a right wing, Blairite neoliberal wedded to austerity and without proven flair in any ministerial position he has ever held.

    • robertcp

      Scotland decided to stay in the UK last September but there is clearly a different political culture than the rest of the UK. Labour has nothing to lose in Scotland and should elect the left-wing candidates.


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