Four million conversations in four months – Miliband says Labour will speak to millions before election day

4th January, 2015 10:29 pm

Speaking at a rally in Manchester tomorrow morning, Ed Miliband will announce that Labour activists across the country will make four million face to face doorstep conversations with the public in the four months until election day. The target – around twice the number of “voter id” contacts made in the same period in 2010 – will be made across the country, but with a focus in the party’s 106 target seats. Party sources were keen to note that this four million contacts will all be made through direct personal contact with the voters, and won’t rely on phone calls, direct mail or other forms of voter contact. Miliband will tell tomorrow’s rally:

“We will win this election, not by buying up thousands of poster sites, but by having millions of conversations.”

 “I am going to be leading those conversations in village halls, community centres, workplaces right across the country, starting this very week and every week from now until the election. I want you to be doing the same. This year will be making our case, explaining our vision, house by house, street by street, town by town.”

“Our campaign is setting the goal of holding four million conversations with people in just four months about how we change our country. That is almost twice the number we’ve ever done before. It is more than any British political party has ever done before. And in every single one of those conversations, we will remind people of what is at stake, not speaking over people’s heads with expensive poster campaigns, but talking directly with them on their doorstep.”

The Labour leader’s commitment follows Campaign Chair Douglas Alexander’s announcement this weekend that Labour’s campaign would be focussed on doorstep campaigning in the final months with the Tories expected to outspend Labour by around 3-1.canvass_harman.jpg

Miliband will also focus on the NHS in his speech (which has been trailed with the party’s first election poster) and the deficit – as well as returning to some of Labour’s key policy announcements so far, pitching the choice between Tory pessimism and Labour’s plan to rebuild Britain.

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  • CrunchieTime

    It says that Labour don’t intend to use phone banks. Is that because the voter ID has already been completed in these key seats?

    Or am I correct in reading between the lines that Labour don’t have the funds?

    • CoolJHS

      It does not say that, the reference is for the 4 million contacts being in addition to those other mediums.

      • CrunchieTime

        Fine, but it says “won’t rely on phone calls, direct mail or other forms of voter contact”

        Can you enlighten me as to how well voter ID is going? I’ve done plenty of it in the past to know how important it was. Though maybe things have moved on.

        • treborc1

          But I’ve had the phone call and the email and I’ve had letters with all the buff about what labour is standing for plus a poster , which would look daft next to the other poster I’ve got in the window as my grandson is going for Plaid.

          • CrunchieTime

            Not exactly targeted then?

  • Daniel Speight

    There needs to be something to say during those doorstep conversations. Alexander’s limited offer doesn’t supply that.

  • David H

    I got an email last week thanking me for signing up as a volunteer for these conversations. I haven’t volunteered and won’t be: it makes me wonder how many of the “incredible 158,069 people [that] have now pledged to volunteer” are actual volunteers, and how many are just names on an email list…

    • treborc1

      Funny I had an email and a phone call asking me to help out.

    • Michael Murray

      And you are a member of the Labour Party?

      • David H

        Hi Michael – no I’m not. I’ve not been since Iraq

  • mara jones

    These wont be conversations. The last labour activist who came to my door just ran off scripted sound bites and rhetoric. Any questions I raised were simply dismissed, If labour want to get the keys to number 10 it might want to actually listen to the voting public, and act on those views. Not be stuck in the Westminster bubble, taking policies based on focus groups and yes men.

  • Tom Sanders

    So let’s say 120 days 8 hours per day 7 days per week. That’s 70 per minute.

    This is via Twitter, right?


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