Miliband links EU membership to Britain’s counter-terrorism capabilities

Speaking at a People’s Question Time event in Stevenage this afternoon, Ed Miliband argued that Britain staying in the EU was beneficial to Britain’s attempts to fight terrorism. According to the Guardian, Miliband said:

“I have a very clear view. I want to stay in the European Union. The idea that we would leave the EU when jobs depend on it, when families depend on it, when businesses depend on it … This won’t be popular with everybody, but just think about countering terrorism. We are much better working across borders to do that.”


Given the timing, that remark will no doubt gather attention, but it’s not the only comment a senior Labour figure has made on countering terrorism today. Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper – responding to Theresa May this afternoon – called on the government to use TPIMs on those returning from Syria “who pose a serious threat but for intelligence reasons cannot be prosecuted”:

“there are also more things the Government could pursue right now. That includes using relocation powers and TPIMs for those returning from Syria who pose a serious threat but for intelligence reasons cannot be prosecuted. At the moment no TPIMs are in place on those returning as they were weakened too much when control orders were abolished. The relocation powers need to be swiftly brought back, and a review should be done of all cases to see whether strengthened TPIMs could be used to reduce the threat.”

“Those returning from fighting in Syria and Iraq should where possible be prosecuted for any crimes or terrorism abroad. But there should also be compulsory engagement with Prevent for all those who have returned from fighting at the fringes of ISIL. Current policies mean only a small number are likely to be required to join Prevent. And there should be proper judicial oversight of new powers too.”

“The Prevent programme needs to be strengthened with a stronger role for local communities and more action to directly challenge the warped ideology and lies being spread, particularly through social media. We should be supporting those who credibly expose the reality of these violent and barbaric groups as other countries have started to do.”


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