Green Party activist tried to take photo as Frank Field had heart attack

22nd March, 2015 3:38 pm


A Green Party activist has confirmed as true allegations that he attempted to take a photograph of Frank Field following his collapse at a public meeting. Field was taken to hospital last Saturday, where it became clear the Birkenhead MP had suffered a heart attack.

Colin Dow, a former Labour member who defected to the Greens, was protesting against Field at the event – and took out his camera when the MP collapsed. A Labour councillor told Dow not to take a picture of Field, who was unconscious on the floor, and he did not. However, he claims others present did photo the MP and says “had I been closer, I would have taken a picture”.

Frank Field told the Mail on Sunday:

“To take a photo of someone who has just had a heart attack would be a despicable thing to do.

“Some members of the Green Party are the kind of people who infiltrated the Labour party in Merseyside years ago. 

We got rid of them and some have resurfaced in the Greens. This kind of behaviour has no place in public life.

“Everyone thinks the Greens are cuddly and fluffy but the truth is very different. It is high time Natalie Bennett denounced them.”

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  • Robin Wilde

    I feel like they hate us more than they hate the Tories.

    • Matt Senior

      As a Labour Party member, I don’t hate the Greens and I’m sure I’m not alone. I see you guys are fellow travellers. However, for me the priority at the moment is kicking the Tories out before they commit further damage to the Bortosh people and economy. I lived through 18 years of Thatcherism which successfully destroyed the working class as a political and economic force in this country. This was allowed to happen because, among other things, the progressive vote was split between Labour and the Lib Dems. I had hoped that with their recent demise people would rally behind Labour and we could kick the Tories out. Sadly, the Greens are somewhat thwarting this, and I fear that we will have a repeat of what happened in the ’80’s. That’s why I get annoyed with ex-Labour Green voters, but I certainly don’t hate you guys. I save that for the Tories.

      If you’re generally interested in green and left wing policies, you could do a lot worse than have Ed Miliband as PM. He sees climate change as a priority, wants a green tech economy, and wants a leveling of the economic playing field in the UK. However, the Sun says he’s a [email protected], so what hope do we have.

      • Robin Wilde

        I’m a Labour member too! I was talking about the attitude of some Greens. But good comment!

        • Andy C

          I’ll tell you why the Greens are more likely to point out the failures of Labour than the Tories – Because nobody ever expected anything from the Tories.

          But Labour! They were supposed to represent us, to be the good guys. Instead we got a party that sucked up to Rupert Murdoch and the Daily Mail, screwed the poor, spied on the population and launched an illegal war. They even fired their own drug advisor for telling the public the truth. Labour are a bitter, crushing disappointment and Ed Miliband will make no difference, most of the top people from the last government are still in place.

          • MikeHomfray

            Yet during the Blair era these people were largely silent. We elect a leader who wants to move things on from New Labour and is doing so, although at a pace which is realistic given the make up of the party and the views of the electorate – and he gets nothing but negativity

          • Andy C

            I certainly wasn’t. My friends and I were being spied on and beaten up at protests by the bloated force of paramilitary social workers Labour turned the British police into.

            For the record I think that Ed Miliband is a charisma vacuum who could glum the shine off a diamond but he seems like a genuinely decent man. He doesn’t deserve the attacks he gets.

      • David Stringer

        There’s a lot of areas where I don’t have much faith in Miliband – civil liberties (he ordered MPs to support DRIP); immigration (race baiting on leaflets, policies which make out immigrants claiming benefits is a big problem when its not); sticking up for the weakest (Rachel Reeves’ lack of opposition to IDS). But ironically climate change and renewable energy is the one area where I’ve absolute faith Miliband will be radical and bold, as opposed to being less bad than the Tories.

      • Rachel

        I see the Labour party as trying to thwart change, and we desperately need change. Your view of what the party still is, is not mine and really guess those who have left Labour feel the same. Though some recent leavers have said, ‘I didn’t leave labour,it left me’ Am not sure labour ever stood for me, as a young unemployed person in the 80s who supported the miners strike. I learned then Labour as a party was not to be trusted and its only got worse over the last 30 or so years. I was always a reluctant LP member, very briefly then just voter and the relief of finding the Green Party only a few years ago was amazing. This non story is a good example of the stupid tactics Labour are trying to discredit the Green Party, it seems to be all they have.

      • fjfish

        The shadow chancellor said there was nothing in Osbourne’s last budget he disagreed with. Nothing about social housing, nothing about increasing child poverty, nothing about austerity being a lie, nothing about benefits changes that are causing intense suffering to a great number of the working poor and many disabled people, up to and including killing them.

        So we have caring cuts and the NHS sell off continues? More PFI lunacy (where the price of one PFI hospital could pay for 3 extra fully staffed ones). The first of these was commissioned in 1997 under Blair/Brown – so don’t go blaming the Tories, your party did this.

        You vote Labour and you vote for the machine that wants Trident, that despises the working poor, that fights wars 90% of the country disagreed with, that uses PFI to suck money that was meant to be spent on care into the banks, that kept the internal market in the NHS so it was really easy for the ConDems to sell it off. That’s the reality.

        Wake up – I’m not a green. I joined LU. I will vote green over Labour though – because at least on paper they’re anti austerity and want to build social housing.

        • MikeHomfray

          Then you will be effectively voting for a Tory government. Its a FPTP system

          • fjfish

            When I voted for Frank Field (yes he is my MP) in 1997 I was voting for a Tory government. That’s the point I’m making. “would you like to be shot or stabbed?” I’d rather be working on building a real alternative that milking a dead cow.

          • Andy C

            A FPTP system that disenfranchises a large portion of the electorate and is profoundly undemocratic. Yet it is a system supported by Labour because it serves their interests.

            This bears repeating: Red Tories/ Blue Tories. There is no real difference.

    • David Stringer

      Freud had a term, narcicism of small differences, that I think applies to disagreements between Labour and the Greens. Essentially because there’s an overlap between the philosophies, it’s more frustrating to see someone propose what we see as a distorted version of our own beliefs. (This is something that flows both ways, in my view.)

      Personally I hate Cameron and Osborne more than I do anyone in the Labour Party, but it’s more a cold hatred, mixed with confusion that they can be so out of touch with basic human decency.

      Disagreements with Labour tend to boil my blood a little more. When there’s someone in the Labour Party like Simon Danszuck, who does a lot of good work around exposing paedophilia, but argues that the unions are as bad as the BNP, it’s frustrating because I’d expect better.

  • Paul Martin

    Labour lost in the 80’s because of poor leadership, which is why they’re losing now. If Labour choose to promote tuition fees, trident, anti-union legislation, neo-liberal marketisation of public services and other Thatcherite policies it’s hardly surprising that when parties come along with actual progressive policies they will turn away from Labour. The only difference between Labour and the Tories is how to implement all the above, not whether or not these things will happen.

    • wolfman

      Labour are losing are they ??

      • Paul Martin

        Losing members, losing credibility, losing respect. Same goes for the Lib Dems and Tories of course. Despite this, because of our dodgy electoral system, we’ll see one if not two if those parties in government. Lib Dems could be virtually wiped out and still go into government with the Tories. Dunno why everyone’s so against Labour working with the SNP, they have strong candidates and progressive policies. Be nice to say the same about Labour one day.

      • treborc1

        Looks more and more like it.

    • matt jordan

      Greens = same 5% of stupid mad wankers who will always be with us, always believing they know best and that virtue resides not in addressing reality, but in dreaming up a different world. Ignorant, supercilious, to be laughed at when not practical also to thump them as the scum they are.

      • Paul Martin

        That’ll be the same ignorant, supercilious, mad world that Labour wanted up until 1997 then seeing as how most of the Greens progressive policies would formerly have been found in a Labour manifesto back when Labour believed in something.

        • matt jordan

          No, no; it really, really wouldn’t. That’s an utterly clueless thing to say. Very funny of you!

      • Andy C

        Good old Labour. Laugh at people when you think you can get away with it, bully and threaten when that doesn’t work. Can’t you please just join the Conservatives properly and stop bringing democratic socialism into disrepute?

    • Glen Shaky Shakespeare

      I was going to reply to this nonsense but just realised I can’t even be bothered.

  • Fugstar

    i wish the guy a good recovery. its a bit rich though that ISIS producing labour party, with the blood of thousands fo innocent iraqis and afghans on their party woudl try and stitch up a green person as rather callous and unkind.

  • Harry Pogue

    How about Labour attacking the tories instead of the greens?

    People are leaving labour for the greens because they are sick of their votes being taken for granted by a party that is labour in name only.

    Blaming the greens for the actions of one person, who was (for some reason) trying to photograph a man who has collapsed says nothing about why voters should stick with labour.

    I have always voted labour, but other than as a tactical vote, I see no reason to continue to do so. But when Labour attacks the party whose policies I prefer, it makes it very hard to vote for them.

    • Edward Walker

      You can’t be serious? The only party that is actually attacking the Tories is Labour.

      The Greens and SNP spend all their time attacking Labour.

      For the Greens, who propose savage austerity on those on welfare in order to pay for their proposal to give 72 pounds a week to millionaires, to make some kind of claim on left-wing values is laughable. You people are a joke

      • JonathanElmer

        Really fed up of Labour hate and lies. The vast majority of Green campaigns are in LibDem held locations as that is where we are more likely to win. If you can’t tell the truth just shut up.

      • Lee Giles

        I am a Green who is attacking the Tories and I would attack them more if I wasn’t busy defending the Greens from Labour trolls.
        P.S. I am a freelance Photographer…. If the Pope fell over in front of me I would be expected to get a shot.
        Labour are trying to attack everybody at once…. Soooooo silly.

  • Robert Cross

    First off, “Frank Field told the Mail on Sunday: To take a photo of someone who has just had a heart attack would be a despicable thing to do.”. As someone who’s father suffered a heart attack, I agree with Frank Field 100% on that, and wish him a speedy and complete recovery.

    Actually there’s stuff about the Green’s that’s appealing to me, trouble is that I’m very put off that Cameron (pauses to spit) seems to regard them highly. Although whether this is because he see’s them taking votes from Labour is up for discussion.
    Maybe they (the Greens) need to be regarded as the “looney wing” of Labour as UKIP is obviously the “looney wing” of the Tories, although in the case of UKIP/Tories it’s sometimes difficult to tell exactly who the mainstream party is and who’s the lunatic fringe.

  • Sunny Jim

    LL has more important things to discuss than the non-actions of one individual.

    Come on editorial team – raise your game!

  • olivercromwell2

    I live in Wales I will vote Green, if I lived in England I would vote Green and if I lived in Scotland I would vote SNP. Tory, Labour and of course the LibDems can take a running jump, they deserve no ones vote. Austerity is a bad policy for the people and creation of real jobs.

    • Edward Walker

      But as a Green, you favour savage austerity and cuts to the benefits of disabled and unemployed people in order to pay for a policy that proposes paying 72 pounds a week to millionaires

      • John Ruddy

        Except they dont call it austerity, they call it a “de-growth strategy”….

  • MonkeyBot5000

    To take a photo of someone who has just had a heart attack would be a despicable thing to do.

    Was the guy who tried to take a photo a cardiac surgeon? Did he see a medical report from a doctor saying that the guy had just had a heart attack and then take a photo? No.

    A Labour councillor told Dow not to take a picture of Field, who was unconscious on the floor, and he did not. However, he claims others present did photo the MP

    And you have definitive proof that the people who actually did take photos were not members of the Labour Party, right? No, you don’t, because if you did you would have posted that.

    Something unexpected happened and people photographed it. For all we know, those people were members of the Labour party

    • Daniel Speight

      Everyone is a paparazzi now with cameras in our phones. Until we all agree on a code of conduct for taking pictures it’s hard to criticize people for something like this. In fact this whole article is a bit silly. Surely we have better ways of arguing with the Greens than this. Their economic policies are open to question and their middle-class makeup should be exposed, not silliness like this. I don’t have much time for Fields, but I wish him a speedy recovery and a quiet retirement.

      • MonkeyBot5000

        …their middle-class makeup should be exposed…

        You might want to be careful with that one – have you seen Labour’s front bench recently? How many of them have ever cleaned a floor for money.

        • Daniel Speight

          Maybe so, but at least in Labour we know it is wrong;-) We know there should be a working class connection with the rest of the labour movement and the trade unions. The middle-class careerists and apparatchiks who control the party are stealing a party from its rightful owners.

          Whereas the Greens are what they are. They have no connection to the working class or the labour movement. It ends up being just the new home of the Liberals who couldn’t hack the orange bookers. I like Lucas and all that, but they are not the answer to what ails Britain anymore than the rest of the parties. We need a true social democratic party and if Labour can’t supply that then I guess a new one will eventually turn up.

          • shanoakes

            As usual the Greens (with their new and hopeful vision) are being dissed for all and everything by the miserable old political paradigm. The latest survey of members of the Green Party showed it had great diversity but was mainly working class

        • Andy C

          The way Labour people talk you would think the party is composed of factory workers and dock hands.

  • treborc1

    No place in public life, nor has MP’s running to the Tories to give them a hand as Frank did.

    People with mobile phone now take photo’s to see if they can make money I’ve seen it, women in town heart attack people take photo’s , then I watch the same people running to the local news paper to see if they can sell them and one did, the following week the photo in the paper was by a local.

    MP’s abused the expenses every one is at it, OK most everyone.

    The issue about seeing something getting your phone out taking a few snaps before calling the ambulance is the norm these day.

    So going over to the Green caused this person to take photo’s he would never have done this if he was in Labour god no.

    Talk about scraping the barrel.

  • Theoderic Braun

    I hope Mr. Field will have the good sense to retire. He’s done more than enough.

  • fjfish

    People take photos of everything now – it’s become a natural (if insensitive and stupid) reaction. I would be very surprised if some other people there hadn’t taken photos too. If the actions of one person can taint the whole movement … it’s unfortunate but also just the way things are now.

    And Frank should really have risen above it and said nothing, seriously.


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