Ed Miliband rattles Boris Johnson on the Marr sofa

Boris v Ed

Ed Miliband gave what I thought was his best and clearest Marr interview this morning – including stating in the clearest terms yet that there won’t be a Labour/SNP deal after the election. He was also far more assertive and confident than he’s been in previous encounters.

But by far the best session of the Marr show – and perhaps the best clash of the election so far – was Ed Miliband taking on a clearly rattled Boris Johnson afterwards and wiping the floor with him. Highlights include the Labour leader telling Johnson “don’t get rattled” and saying “Don’t just do what Lynton says to you, come on”. Here’s the full exchange (video via Andy Dawson):

This could be PMQs in a few months time…and far tougher for Boris Johnson than many would’ve had you believe.

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