LabourList live blog: The seven-way leaders’ debate

2nd April, 2015 7:37 pm


There will be more debaters than bloggers for tonight’s LabourList live blog of the first leaders’ debate, featuring seven party leaders.

Events will kick off at 8pm on ITV, but our team of Mark Ferguson, Maya Goodfellow, Conor Pope, Emma Burnell and Stefan Stern will be posting their thoughts right here from 7.30 onwards.

Labour leader Ed Miliband will be taking on David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Nick Clegg, Nicola Sturgeon, Natalie Bennett and Leanne Wood. You can keep up to date with our live blog below:

Live Blog Leaders’ debate 2

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  • Malcolm McCandless

    Hats off to the ladies, they really put the guys in their place. Well done Nicola, now the rest of the UK know what a capable politician she is.

    • treborc1

      She did have a good one, a very good politician I liked the way she said the things that matter to people

  • treborc1

    It was pretty shocking in the end the people in the audience got up and tried , Clegg was a Pr*ck as we all know..

    Nice to know 70 labour MPs employ people on zero hour contracts, hard working only those in work will benefit under labour, not a word about pension sick disabled or anyone other then working people. The Tories we all know now will hit us with £12 billion in cuts but labour would not say to much about where they would cut tight lipped.

    Now then how did they do in this poor show, well my own feeling are

    Labour marks out of ten ..6 nothing new and nothing much learned of what labour will do.

    Tories Cameron spouted the same old bile about welfare, 6

    Plaid did ok pretty good 7

    Liberals with Clegg it’s about trust he wants to be in a coalition no thanks 4

    SNP, boy she is one cleaver lady if I was in Scotland as I said I’d be in the party as a member, dam it sad she is not a leader of labour 8

    UKIP what a mess Farage did not have a good night then again he was not at his best in this staged show the best bit was when we has a few people in the audience shout about housing for soldiers she was removed nothing like people getting a say.

    Greens not to bad she is not a great speaker but when she poke it was OK, 7 …

  • David H

    If I lived in Scotland I’d definitely be voting SNP after tonight.

  • Michelle

    You Gov put Cameron above Miliband again. Why am I not surprised.

    • treborc1

      Well to be honest I think they were pretty much equal you could put either about the other. the people after summed it up they are pretty much the same.

      I do not think this has helped either of them, you can now see why the SNP are winning in Scotland she slaughtered both of them.

      Labour speech at the end, labour is the party of working people, well to be honest if I was working now I’d be in Scotland where I worked for most of my life and I would be voting SNP not labour.

      Labour is the party of working people, good luck with getting them to vote for you.

  • RWP

    What debate was Mark watching? EdM winning? He looked like a creepy, overly-scripted ventriloquist’s dummy … ironic given his likely role after the election when he jumps in bed with the SNP.

    • Ian

      Disappointing after he did so very well on the Absolute Radio show where he was totally natural and quite humorous. The repeated staring into the camera was just weird.

      • RWP

        Weird. Weird and creepy.

        • Ian

          I think someone must have told him that it worked for Clegg last time, but Ed was too wide-eyed and held it for too long. It was like he was trying to hypnotise you. Weird and creepy is right.

          • treborc1

            To much Wensleydale cheese obviously… it got to him the eyes the smile and hand. like watching Gordon again with the smile, he smiled and you looked behind you to see if somebody was pulling funny faces .

          • Michelle

            I wondered about this, so I asked my mum (ex labour voter, lib dem voter in 2010, and now flirting with UKIP) what she thought of the performances. She thought Farage performed best, then Sturgeon. What did you think of Miliband? I asked. I thought he did alright, better than I thought he would do. This was high praise for my daily mail reading and highly cynical mum. I think us labour supporters tend to be harsher on Ed sometimes than floating voters. We want him to do so well we look out for every fluffed line, every overly long stare, and our heart sinks. Other people are not so harsh which was why Eds come out top or close to top in three of the post debate polls.

          • Ian

            Does Ed wear contact lenses? It’s like he ‘s waiting for them to settle in his eye or something – I’ve noticed him doing this before, although not as pronounced.

          • Michelle

            Are you referring to his slow blink?

  • Sunny Jim

    Sturgeon was the best performer in what turned out to be a pretty predictable circus.

    It will harden the SNP support but we’re expecting a near wipe out north of the border so it’s already priced in.

    • treborc1

      Priced in how can you price in a near total wipe out in a country which once almost totally backed labour, it does show how seriously poor labour has become.

      • Sunny Jim

        How many SLAB MP’s have you been planning on?

        We’re finished in Scotland in terms of GE’s but we will regain seats at the next Holyrood election.

        On reflection it would have been much better for us if the Scots had voted yes in the indyref and if i’m honest the sooner they re-vote and disappear the better.

        • treborc1

          I praying Wales will also disappear sooner the better. and I’m Welsh. It’s time to make the break.

          • Sunny Jim

            I have to disagree with you there – we need those Welsh MP’s.

          • treborc1

            Do they need you, check out boundary changes in Wales.

        • bikerboy

          The result would still be No.

        • David

          Certainly the sooner the better for the Scots. It’ll be farewell and good riddance to British imperialism, British neo-liberalism and the British Labour Party.

  • James

    Miliband was the clear winner. Cameron came across as arrogant and smug. Clegg, Farage and the rest simply mediocre.

  • CrunchieTime

    In the photo at the top, why have you scored Ed’s performance in binary?

  • Monkey_Bach

    Couldn’t be bothered to watch this debate, rigged and rejigged as it were to suit Cameron. I’m not undecided anyway. The Conservatives are really so bad now that I am prepared to vote for almost any party (other then the Liberal Democrats and UKIP) most likely to damage their chances locally.

    Even Labour.


  • David

    Miliband openly pandered to to the xenophobic anti-immigrant stance of Farage. He should be ashamed, whilst the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Greens had the guts to directly confront Farage’s closet racism. They also were the only ones presenting a real alternative to austerity economics. Miliband and the Labour Party are failing badly.

  • stephen smith

    I thought that the three women did exceptionally well; there seemed to be a lot of honesty there. Deficit reduction was unclear from the Greens.


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