Weekly survey: Budget surplus, Syria and Heathrow expansion

6th July, 2015 4:54 pm

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The Labour leadership team seem to have agreed with George Osborne’s proposals that the government should run a budget surplus in “normal times”. Over the weekend Chris Leslie, Shadow Chancellor, said that signing up to these proposals was important for Labour to gain economic credibility. However, it’s unlikely everyone in the party will agree, particularly as 77 academics have argued this ignores “basic economics”. What do you think? Is it right for Labour to aim to run a budget surplus in “normal times.”

Last week it looked like Labour might support the government’s proposals to join the US bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria. Although nothing has been confirmed. However, Jeremy Corbyn, leadership candidate and anti-war campaigner, was one of the first people to vocally oppose this. What do you think? If it comes down to a vote in the Commons what do you think Labour should do? Should they support the campaign? Or vote against?

Labour also look like they’re going to support a third runway at Heathrow, following the Davies Commission. Michael Dugher and Harriet Harman have both expressed support for the proposals, as long as they can meet clear environmental guidelines. However, a number of MPs don’t think they can. John McDonnell, Andy Slaughter and Rupa Huq, whose constituencies will be affected, all oppose the third runway. Mayoral candidates Diane Abbott, Sadiq Khan and Christian Wolmar are also against expansion. What do you think? Should Labour support Heathrow expansion? Should they oppose it? Or should Labour back airport expansion elsewhere instead?

Along with our regular survey we would also like your help with a weekly Q&A for the leadership candidates. Throughout the election we would like to put your questions to them about the big issues facing Britain: education, health, welfare, immigration, taxation, housing, Scotland and devolution, and Europe and the world.

This week it’s welfare and we would like you to submit your questions here or via Twitter using the hashtag #LabourListQ&A. Even if your question doesn’t fit into any of our categories we would still like to hear from you.

The survey will close at noon on Thursday – you can vote here.

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