Andy Burnham is the preferred choice of leader among Labour voters, poll finds

5th August, 2015 4:47 pm
Andy Burnham is the favourite choice to be leader among Labour, according to polling from Opinium.
 Labour leadership  candidates debate
When Labour supporters were asked which of the four candidates they would vote to be the next Labour leader if they had a vote in the election the results read as follows:

Burnham 39%, Jeremy Corbyn 24% , YvetteCooper 22%, Liz Kendall 15%. 

However, the results were a little different when Opinium broke voters down into political leaning. Burnham remains ahead among Labour loyalists – Burnham 44%, Corbyn 18%, Cooper 21%, Kendall 17. But among Labour supporters who lean to the right his lead was narrowed with him on 33% and Cooper on 29% (Corbyn – 17%, Kendall – 20%).

For left leaning Labour voters his lead is even smaller 35% to Corbyn’s 31% (Cooper – 18%, Kendall 14%)

Beyond Labour supporters, Conservatives are most in favour of Burnham 17%, Corbyn 6%, Cooper 11%, Kendall 11%. While Green voters prefer Corbyn by a large margin – Burnham 13%, Corbyn 32%, Cooper 6%, Kendall. 9%.

70% of Labour voters think that Burnham would be likely to win a general election as leader. Whereas for other candidates the numbers are slightly lower: Cooper 57%, Corbyn 51%, Kendall 47%.

The largest proportion of Labour voters 57% would be happy if Burnham became leader, 46% said the same for Cooper, 40% for Corbyn and 35% for Kendall. Yet Opinium note that there’s a large proportion of voters who say they wouldn’t have a “particular reaction” to any of the candidates winning.

A previous poll for YouGov of those eligible to vote found that Jeremy Corbyn was on course to win.


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