14,500 people sign up as Labour party members following Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader

Update: The number of new Labour members is actually around 15,500. The party’s general secretary, Iain McNichol, confirmed this earlier today.

14,500 people have joined the Labour party in the past twenty four hours.

labour rosette

Labour party officials have confirmed that the party membership is at 325,000 – membership has not been this high since 1999.

It’s unclear how many of these people have converted from registered supporters (that is people who paid £3 to vote in the leadership election) to members and how many are entirely new sign ups.

More than 600,000  were eligible to vote in the leadership contest. Jeremy Corbyn received 59.5% of the vote and got the highest amount of votes from members, supporters and affiliates respectively.

The Tories do not regularly publish how many people are members of their party. However, it in 2014 it was reported at 150,000 – Labour’s membership figures now stand at over double this.



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