Scotland: Labour in third place with final results in

6th May, 2016 9:20 am

Kez Dugdale Scottish Labour

Labour has slumped to third place in the Scottish elections but the SNP have narrowly been denied an overall majority in Holyrood, in a move that has left Kezia Dugdale “heartbroken”

Dugdale led Scottish Labour to 24 seats, a fall of 13, but looks set to continue as leader of the party.

She said she was proud of the “alternative vision” her party had provided Holyrood’s devolved powers.

“I’m proud that our campaign rose to the challenge of offering an alternative vision of what could be done in our new, more powerful parliament”.

Nicola Sturgeon has been denied overall control of the Edinburgh Parliament as the nationalists claimed 63 seats, a fall of six.

The Tories took second place as Ruth Davidson increased her party’s number of seats to 31, up 16. The SNP were just two seats short of a majority.

Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Party, said on the Today Programme he can “understand the seriousness of the task ahead”.

“We certainly have to make progress in Scotland before the next general election.

“Scottish voters want to see that the UK Labour party has learned the lesson of the Scottish referendum. So what we do on English devolution is important. We need to make sure we are committed to driving power out of Westminster.

“The remedy is very complex and we don’t have all the answers now. But I understand the seriousness of the task ahead.”


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