Corbyn joins union bosses for plea to labour movement to back Remain

14th June, 2016 10:00 am

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn today joins the shadow Cabinet and a series of trade union leaders to make a major appeal to Labour voters to back Britain’s membership of the EU.

Amid mounting worries over two new polls which put the Leave campaign ahead, Corbyn will make an appeal to the “whole Labour movement” to protect jobs and workers’ rights by voting for Remain next week.

Corbyn will appear at the TUC’s Congress House for yet another bid to woo left-wing voters to the In campaign following the launch of Labour’s EU referendum “fightback”.

“Today sees my shadow cabinet and the trade union movement join together,  in the interests of the people of this country, to make Labour’s case to remain in the European Union and bring reform to strengthen workers’ rights,” Corbyn says today.

“That’s why today I am issuing a call to the whole Labour movement, to persuade people to back Remain to protect jobs and rights at work.

“We have just nine days to go to convince Labour supporters to vote Remain.”

Corbyn was speaking after two new opinion polls handed a lead to the Leave campaign, prompting further alarm for the Labour In group.

A YouGov poll for The Times gave a seven point lead to the Leave campaign, on 46 per cent, up three points, and put Remain on 39 per cent, down three.

Also today an ORB poll for The Daily Telegraph put Leave on 49 per cent among, one point ahead of Remain, among those certain to vote.

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