“Tories handing back £7.5bn in corporation tax cuts but social care is cut to the bone” – Corbyn’s polemic at PMQs


“There’s a tragic parallel going on between an under-funded NHS and an under-funded social care system all over the country – and she knows it. Indeed, she might care to listen to the Tory leader of Warwickshire council, Izzi Seccombe, who says her council has been cut to the bone and says on social care ‘right now we have a £1.3bn gap which is not being funded. It is a real crisis in every social services department all over the country – and, indeed, in almost every NHS hospital.

“Next year this government is handing back £605m in corporation tax cuts, rising to £1.6bn the year after that, and £7.5bn over the next five years.

“So could the prime minister explain to the more than one million elderly people not getting the care they need, to the four million on NHS waiting lists, to the millions of pensioners worried about losing the protection of the triple lock, why there is not one penny extra for the NHS or social care?

“Just what is this government’s real sense of priorities?”

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