Corbyn attacks “grotesque” Tory social care failings

15th December, 2016 4:08 pm

Jeremy Corbyn

The Tories are “passing the buck” on social care, Jeremy Corbyn will say launching a blistering attack tonight

At tonight’s rally on the NHS and social care crisis, Corbyn is expected to say that the government is “dodging the blame and handing the bill to those who can least afford it.”

On May’s decision to give local councils the power to raise council tax slightly to help pay for social care, he shall say: “Theresa May is loading the burden of her government’s failure to fund social care and dignity for the elderly on to councils. Raising council tax to pay for social care means the Government doesn’t have to pay a penny.

The council tax precept, announced by the government, allows for local government to slightly raise council tax to raise money for social care costs. It will predominantly help richer areas as they are able to raise more.

“This Tory Government is letting down older people. Billions are available for tax giveaways to corporations while many elderly people are left without support because of Government cuts to social care.

Corbyn focussed on the dire state of social care in this weeks prime minister’s questions, the last before Christmas. 

“It is grotesque that cuts to social care for those ‘just about managing’ are subsidising corporation tax cuts for the largest companies and banks” he will say.

“From Brexit, to schools, to the NHS and social care, this government is just about mismanaging everything it does.”

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