Council by-elections: Labour holds seat as Lib Dems and UKIP make gains


Labour held one council seat last night as the Liberal Democrats posted gains when five wards were contested around England.

In the crucial middle England seat of Corby, Labour comfortably held its Kingswood and Hazey Leys seat with a 10 per cent increase in vote share.

Overall the party held one ward, remained out of contention in three more and did not contest one in the Cotswolds.

Labour’s vote share increased 10.3 points, to 64.6 per cent, in Kingswood and Hazel Leys, Corby, as they held on easily. The second place party, the Conservatives, had 26.7 per cent of the vote, with the Greens third on 8.7 per cent. There was no UKIP candidate this time round.

Five wards were up for grabs, and the Lib Dems claimed two from the Conservatives, with a 40 point boost in one and a 19.8 point increase in the other. There was a gain for UKIP, taking the Great & Little Oakley ward from an independent, with a 14.1 point increase in vote share. There was no independent candidate standing in that ward last night.

Labour’s vote share dropped in two wards they stood in, an 8.5 drop in Waterside, North Norfolk, and an 8.4 point drop in St John’s, Fylde, according to Britain Elects. 

Under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership Labour have won the London mayoral contest and held on to parliamentary seats in Tooting and Oldham West and Royton.

Campaigners from across the party have been hard at work in Copeland and Stoke Central to ensure victory for Labour in the upcoming by-elections on February 23.

Fairford North (Cotswold):
Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative
Liberal Democrat: 68.1 per cent (+40.2)
Conservative: 30.1 per cent (-20.9)
Green: 1.8 per cent (+1.8)
UKIP didn’t stand this time round.

Great & Little Oakley (Tendring):
UKIP gain from independent
UKIP: 36.8 per cent (+14.1)
Conservative: 29.1 per cent (+1.4)
Labour: 19.9 per cent (+5.5)
Liberal Democrat: 14.1 per cent (+14.1)
No Independent as previous.

Kingswood & Hazel Leys (Corby):
Labour hold
Labour: 64.6 per cent (+10.3)
Conservative: 26.7 per cent (+12.5)
Green: 8.7 per cent (-1.1)
No UKIP candidate

Waterside (North Norfolk):
Liberal Democrat gain from Conservative
Liberal Democrats: 55.1 per cent (+19.8)
Conservative: 34.8 per cent (-4.8)
UKIP: 6.5 per cent (+6.5)
Labour: 3.5 per cent (-8.5)
No Green this time round.

St John’s (Fylde):
Fylde Ratepayers hold
Fylde Ratepayers: 60.8 per cent (+15.9)
Conservative: 30.0 per cent (+4.4)
Labour: 4.9 per cent (-8.4)
Green: 4.3 per cent (+4.3)
No Independent and Liberal Democrats candidates.

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