Momentum: Let’s unite against racism, sexism and the toxic Donald Trump


Tomorrow, while MPs debate Trump’s state visit to the UK, 30,000 people will attend a demo in Parliament Square to reject Trump’s toxic politics and stand up for the rights of migrants and refugees.

Our aim is not just to have Trump’s state visit cancelled. It is to counter the rise of right-wing populism here in the UK and across the world. It is to fight for the rights of migrants and refugees under threat in post-Brexit Britain and make clear that we will not be silent while the likes of Trump, UKIP and the Tories try to divide us.

In condemning the actions of Trump, we must draw attention to the xenophobic, divisive politics on the rise here in the UK at the hands of the Tories and UKIP. We can not forget that it was Theresa May, during her time as home secretary, who was responsible for sending billboard vans branded “Go Home” around migrant communities.

Now, as prime minister, May refuses to provide guarantees to the three million EU nationals living in the UK and this week shut down the Dubs scheme that sought to bring unaccompanied child refugees to safety in the UK. The Tories’ complicity with the rise in racism and xenophobia did not start with May’s refusal to condemn Trump’s Muslim ban, it is simply yet another example of the true nature of our government.

This week, UKIP’s Paul Nuttall claimed that the reports of a spike in racist hate crimes after Brexit were fabricated. On Thursday, Nuttall hopes to win a seat off Labour and enter Parliament as an MP. UKIP has nothing to offer communities like Stoke, they simply want to capitalise on fear to further their right-wing agenda. Momentum has been mobilising to make sure they fail, sending 150 activists to campaign in Stoke last weekend and put forward Labour’s positive alternative to the status quo.

We are part of a growing global movement standing up for the values of humanity and compassion and fighting the rise of the far-right. In recent weeks, we have seen millions of women marching against Trump across the world, 20,000 people attend a protest outside Downing Street with 24 hours’ notice and almost two million sign a petition calling for Trump’s state visit to be cancelled. Tomorrow, tens of thousands more will be taking part in actions across the UK

Across the country and the world, people are refusing to be silent, taking to the streets to reject Trump’s politics and joining the fight against racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny and homophobia. Join us tomorrow and let’s unite against those that seek to divide us. We will not let hate win.

Sophie Nazemi is a Labour party activist and member of Momentum.

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