Tulip Siddiq: Livingstone verdict is a year-long insult to Jewish community


This is the full text of the letter sent by Labour backbencher Tulip Siddiq to Jeremy Corbyn today after a key party committee decided against the expulsion of Ken Livingstone over his comments about Hitler and Zionism.

Dear Jeremy,

I am writing following the decision of the National Constitutional Committee to find Ken Livingstone guilty of bringing the party into disrepute, but resolving only to suspend him for a further year.

I believe this decision to be intolerable and to bring great shame on our party. What should have been an open-shut disciplinary case has become a year-long insult to a community that I am so proud to represent.

As a teenager, I joined the party whilst living in the heart of the Jewish community in Hampstead. For that community and for Jews across the country, last night’s outcome was desperately disappointing, as it was for all those dedicated to anti-racism in our movement.

Members have contacted me in despair over the past 12 hours. They have seen this as the final straw and have terminated their membership. I believe that many more will do so unless we act swiftly.

I am writing to you personally, because I do not believe you wish to lead a party where manipulations of the Holocaust are allowed to stand. I believe the insufficiency of the punishment means that the party must explore all options available to it. This includes asking the NEC to convene an emergency session to review the decision.

I hope you can give immediate consideration to this and any other steps that will move to repair trust with the Jewish community.

Best wishes,

Tulip Siddiq MP
Hampstead and Kilburn

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