Tories maintain wide poll lead over Labour while UKIP vote continues to plunge

9th May, 2017 9:29 am

The Conservatives have posted a 17 point lead over Labour, according to new polling, which underlines the collapse of UKIP.

Theresa May’s party could expect 47 per cent of the vote, were an election held tomorrow, compared to Labour’s 30 per cent. Meanwhile UKIP’s vote share is imploding, leaving them on five per cent, and the Lib Dems could expect seven per cent of the public to back them.

The SNP would get five per cent of the vote across Britain, the Greens three per cent and other parties four per cent.

Some 60 per cent of those polled backed May as the best prime minister, in the Survation survey for Good Morning Britain, with 21 per cent opting for Jeremy Corbyn. Just under one in five, 19 per cent, said they don’t know.

May is ranked ahead of Corbyn as the best person to negotiate Brexit, manage the economy, protect the NHS and promote a fairer society.

On Brexit she has a 42 point lead, with 62 per cent backing her and 20 per cent Corbyn, with 18 per cent unsure. For protecting the NHS, she has a three point lead – with 42 per cent backing her to Corbyn’s 39 per cent, and just 19 per cent unsure.

On who would be trusted to manage the economy, May has a 41 point lead, with 62 per cent favouring her to 21 per cent for Corbyn and just 16 per cent unsure. May has a nine point lead on who is trusted to promote a fair society, with 46 per cent of respondents backing her to 37 per cent supporting Corbyn, and 17 per cent unsure.

Those polled were divided on tactical voting, with 44 per cent saying they would consider it, to 48 per cent rejecting it. Eight per cent were unsure.

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