Corbyn has pulled off the biggest political reawakening of the century, says McCluskey

Len McCluskey

This is the full statement published today by Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite, after the Tories’ failed to secure a majority in the general election.

“Theresa May fought an underhand, depressing campaign and has been well and truly humbled. People do not want Tory business as usual, they do not want a politics built on fear that spreads despair, and they certainly do not want a lamccClue duck prime minister.

“This must now mean the end of austerity, and a return to the investment and support our manufacturing industries urgently need.  And it must mark the rebuilding of our public services; they are the backbone of this country, we will see them proud and world class once more.

“It must also pull the brakes on the calamitous ‘hard’ Brexit that the Tories put to the country and the country rejected. Theresa May called this election to get her mandate to take this country sharply rightwards towards a low wage, no rights economy. The voters have said to Mrs May, no, you will not take us over your cliff.

“Credit for this must go to Labour, led by Jeremy Corbyn, which has pulled off the biggest political reawakening of the century. For a party and a leader long written off and faced by in the main hysterical, hostile media, this is nothing short of astonishing.

“Labour is only in this position because Jeremy and Labour fought a remarkable, courageous campaign based on a manifesto which clearly showed that another way is possible.  Jeremy found a way to connect with millions of people who were in need of hope. He brought new voters to Labour, young and old, and inspired them to find their voice through their vote.

“With Jeremy at the helm, Labour is very clear that what it stands for is to deliver the decent society that works for the many, not the few. He and his party, and the army of Labour volunteers who have brought our party so close to government deserve not just our admiration but our deep thanks.

“Jeremy Corbyn must now be backed to find a way forward for our country in these challenging times. There is now much work to be done.”

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