Corbyn’s “passion” or Theresa’s taste for “tough decisions” – which party the newspapers backed in this election


The Times

The Tories – “Mrs May has our vote, but assuming she wins tomorrow it will be despite the platitudes, not because of them. She needs to broaden her circle of advisers, find the inner steel that has been missing during the campaign and be the bloody difficult woman she says she can be.”

The Daily Telegraph

The Tories – “To elect Labour now, as this country stands at an historic juncture, would be unthinkable folly. Labour is hopelessly divided over Brexit, its leader stands accused of being a terrorist sympathiser and it’s no exaggeration to suggest the party’s tax-and-spend plans for the economy would bankrupt Britain.”

The Financial Times

The Tories – “It is a sad indictment on the state of Britain that neither of the main party leaders is particularly impressive… Labour’s team is unfit for government, let alone the delicate Brexit talks. The Liberal Democrats have failed to make an impact with their pledge of a second EU referendum… Faced with such uncertainty at home and abroad, Mrs May is the safer bet.”

The Independent

Nobody – “It is important that you decide… In this election especially, we urge you to think not just about where the parties stand, but where your candidates stand within their party… If Labour emerges with a narrow defeat, it seems likely that a leader who has shown noble qualities but has proven to be a weak leader of the opposition, and given little account of his ability to run a government effectively, will not stand down, leaving his party caught in limbo.”

The Guardian

Labour – “Her campaign has been grimly negative and entirely joyless. Her jumpy U-turn on her social care proposals revealed Mrs May to be a poor judge of campaign tactics… Labour’s leader has had a good campaign. He has been energetic and effective on the stump, comfortable in his own skin and in the presence of others… Labour has set the terms of the political debate.”

The Daily Mirror

Labour – “Corbyn’s surprised many on the campaign trail, including us, with his passion and energy. Labour’s manifesto promises are a bold vision of what could be after seven years of miserable Tory austerity while glum May threatens five more of the same failed policies.”

The Sun

The Tories – “The Tories alone are committed to seeing Brexit through in full… This is not the moderate Labour of Tony Blair. It is not the Labour of Kinnock or even Miliband. Your vote would be to install Britain’s first Marxist government.”

The Daily Mail

The Tories – “In the name of everything the great majority of us hold dear, and with so much at stake, we urge our readers to save Britain from the terrorists’ friends — and give Mrs May the mandate she needs to negotiate successfully with Europe.

The Daily Express

The Tories – “Theresa May and her party are willing to take the tough decisions for the sake of Britain’s long-term future, whether it be standing up to the EU or curbing state expenditure or confronting Islamic extremism… Corbyn remains a permanent adolescent protester. His political career has been one, long dreary moan against the British way of life. He and his fellow revolutionaries should not be allowed near the governance of our country.”

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