Council by-elections: Labour holds Manchester ward with boosted vote share

28th July, 2017 7:51 am

Labour’s vote share grew 15.3 points as it held onto a council ward in Fallowfield, Manchester last night, and 25.1 points in another seat in North Dorset which we just missed out on claiming.

Our vote slightly slipped in one vote on Thursday, in Lincolnshire.

The party took 76.9 per cent of the vote, with the Greens a distant second on 9.4 per cent, the Liberal Democrats third on 7.3 per cent and Conservatives fourth on 6.4 per cent. The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition did not stand this time around.

The seat, in student dominated South Manchester, is within Afzal Khan’s Gorton parliamentary seat, which he won on June 8th with 76.3 per cent of the vote.

In another vote, in Blandford Central ward, North Dorset, Labour’s vote rocketed 25.1 points – as we came within 0.3 per cent of winning the seat. The ward was won by the Conservatives, and had previously been held by an Independent.

The other council by-election was in Scotter and Blyton, West Lindsey, which is in Lincolnshire. The ward was held by the Conservatives with a 8.9 growth in vote share.

Labour’s vote shrunk marginally with a 1.3 point drop to come in third, with 14.6 per cent of the vote.

These results have come via Britain Elects.

Scotter & Blyton, West Lindsey:
Conservative hold
Conservative: 44.0 per cent (+8.9)
Liberal Democrat: 35.1 per cent (+8.8)
Labour: 14.6 per cent (-1.3)
UKIP: 6.3 per cent (+6.3)

Fallowfield, Manchester:
Labour hold
Labour: 76.9 per cent (+15.3)
Green: 9.4 per cent (-12.6)
Liberal Democrat: 7.3 per cent (+3.4)
Conservative: 6.4 per cent (-3.8)

Blandford Central, North Dorset:
Conservative gain from Independent
Conservative: 36.6 per cent (+16.6)
Labour: 36.3 per cent (+25.1)
Liberal Democrat: 27.1 per cent (+0.1)
No Independent or Green candidate unlike last time

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