Corbyn still more popular than May

18th August, 2017 2:54 pm

Jeremy Corbyn has posted another lead over Theresa May on personal popularity although the struggling Tory prime minister has seen a slight recovery in her ratings.

Corbyn came out 14 points ahead of May in a poll taken as the furore over Sarah Champion’s comments on child sex abuse developed.

The Labour leader has a net favourability rating of -13, whereas Theresa May is languishing on -27, YouGov said.

Corbyn’s popularity has declined slightly from just after June’s election. In mid-June, 46 per cent of Britons thought of him favourably, and now 38 per cent do. Those with an unfavourable view has risen slightly, by five points, from 46 per cent to 51 per cent.

May’s favourability has increased marginally since the post-election polling, with 31 per cent now viewing her positively compared with just 29 per cent in mid-June. However, 58 per cent see her unfavourably, down slightly from 63 per cent.

Net favourability ratings are calculated by subtracting the unfavourable from the favourable rating, to give an idea of where a figure’s popularity is amongst the public.

The survey was carried out on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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