Updated: Council by-elections: Labour make gains in south-east England

6th October, 2017 3:45 pm

Labour made gains from the Tories and UKIP on another busy night of council by-elections.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party took seats from the government in Hertsmere, north of London, and from UKIP in Adur in Lancing on the south coast.

Overall Labour ended the night up two seats and with the Tories and UKIP each down one, according to BritainElects.

Angela Rayner, shadow education secretary, wrote on Twitter: “Superb results last night for Labour we hold Crewe East & Claremont Salford. Gain Borehamwood Kenilworth from Tories & Mash Barn (Adur) from UKIP.”

UKIP’s vote plunged in several wards while in three seats it failed to put up a candidate despite doing so at the last election.

The Redcar result was declared later on Friday morning.

Burnham Lent Rise and Taplow (South Bucks)

Conservative hold.

Conservative 65.9 per cent (+23.6)

Labour 15.6 per cent (-0.4)

Lib Dems 12.8 per cent (+12.8)

Greens 5.7 per cent (-7.7)

No UKIP (-17.9), Ind (-10.3)


Burbage Sketchley & Stretton (Hinckley and Bosworth):

Conservative hold.

Conservative: 39.0 per cent (-4.6)

Lib Dems: 37.3 per cent (+8.3)

Labour: 15.2 per cent (+2.0)

UKIP: 5.7 per cent (-8.5)

Independent: 2.7 per cent (+2.7)


Borehamwood Kenilworth (Hertsmere)

Labour gain from Conservative.

Labour: 37.8 per cent (-9.1)

Conservative: 33.7 per cent (-19.4)

Lib Dems: 14.2 per cent (+14.2)

Independent: 9.0 per cent (+9.0)

UKIP: 5.3 per cent (+5.3)


Stoneleigh & Cubbington (Warwick)

Conservative hold.

Conservative: 52.6 per cent (+13.0)

Labour: 32.6 per cent (+15.1)

Lib Dems: 11.8 per cent  (+11.8)

Greens: 3.0 per cent  (-10.3)

No Ind (-29.6) as prev.


Crewe East (Cheshire East)

Labour hold.

Labour: 60.7 per cent (+14.8)

Conservative: 28.0 per cent (+6.2)

UKIP: 8.2 per cent (-14.7)

Greens: 3.1 per cent (-6.4)


Claremont (Salford)

Labour hold.

Labour: 46.5 per cent (+1.4)

Conservative: 29.0 per cent (+9.3)

Independent: 11.1 per cent (+11.1)

Lib Dems: 10.5 per cent (+4.4)

Greens: 3.0 per cent (-2.9)

No UKIP (-21.7).


Mash Barn (Adur) result:

Labour gain from UKIP.

Labour: 49.3 per cent (+29.7)

Conservative: 38.6 per cent (+16.1)

Lib Dems: 9.0 per cent (-6.6)

Greens: 3.1 per cent (+3.1)

No UKIP (-42.3) to defend.


St German’s (Redcar)

Lib Dem hold

Lib Dems: 38.4 per cent (+10.5)

Labour: 21.4 per cent (+2.8)

Independent: 15.2 per cent (+15.2)

Independent: 13.1 per cent (+13.1)

Conservative: 10.1 per cent (-1.8)

Greens 1.8 per cent (-9.0)

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