Momentum chief vows to use national executive slot to transform Labour’s rules

28th November, 2017 3:09 pm

The head of Momentum has vowed to “change the way the Labour Party works” if he is elected to its ruling body.

Jon Lansman, founding chair of Momentum, made the promise as part of a campaign video to support to support his run for Labour’s national executive committee (NEC).

The veteran Bennite is running alongside Manchester councillor Yasmine Dar and national policy forum representative Rachel Garnham as part of the Centre Left Grassroots Alliance slate (CLGA), backed by Momentum and the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy.

“I see my primary role on the NEC as ensuring we change the way the Labour Party works into a party that really is led by its members,” Lansman said in a video this week.

They appear the favourites to take the three new slots on the NEC and are up against against activists Eddie Izzard, former NEC rep Johanna Baxter and Sikhs for Labour vice-chair Gurinder Singh Josan, who describe themselves as independent pro-diversity candidates, although their names appear on the same campaign website.

The CLGA slate gathered far more constituency nominations than their rivals, according to official totals released last week, although a vote among members of the Labour International branch indicated a closer fight.

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