Council by-elections: Lib Dems make gains as Labour and Tories slip back in south

Labour lost one council seat to the Lib Dems on a night when Sir Vince Cable’s party were the main winners.

All of Labour, the Tories and UKIP lost wards to the Lib Dems across south-east England.

Jeremy Corbyn’s party lost a ward in Gosport in south Hampshire after their vote plunged.

Overall the Lib Dems picked up three seats – in Gosport, Maidstone in Kent and Torridge in north Devon – as well as holding on to one in Tandridge in Surrey.

The results were published by BritainElects.


North (Maidstone)

Lib Dem gain from Conservative

Lib Dems: 51.4 per cent (+20)

Conservatives: 26 per cent (-6)

Labour: 19.3 per cent (+8)

Greens: 3.4 per cent (-2.1)

No UKIP (-19.9) as previously.


Torrington (Torridge)

Lib Dem gain from UKIP

Lib Dems: 60.2 per cent (+60.2)

Independent 15.5 per cent (+15.5)

Conservatives: 13.6 per cent (-6)

Greens: 6.5 per cent (-15.9)

UKIP: 4.2 per cent (-16.8)

No other independent (-24.6) and Labour (-12.4) as previously.


Bridgemary North (Gosport) result:

Lib Dem gain from Labour

Lib Dems: 57.9 per cent (+57.9)

Labour 22.9 per cent (-49)

Conservatives: 19.2 per cent (-8.9)


Westway (Tandridge) 

Lib Dem hold

Lib Dems: 53.5 per cent (+17.5)

Conservatives: 26.5 per cent (-2.5)

Labour: 13.1 per cent (-2.8)

UKIP: 6.9 per cent (-12.2)

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