Is David Miliband a centrist “saviour”? No, says Twitter

Twitter has spoken, and it doesn’t want David Miliband to return to British politics.

In a piece for The Times today, Rachel Sylvester suggested that the former Labour MP and Foreign Secretary could be a “saviour” for “mainstream” voters and imagined him as the leader of a new centrist party. The reaction on Twitter was scathing.

David Miliband is Julius Nicholson.

David Miliband: our last hope?

David Miliband: Labour’s version of grammar schools?

David Miliband… has better things to do?

David Miliband: “a dry lunch of a politician”?

David Miliband… or incumbent female MPs

David Miliband… just ouch

Bonus. Appearing on Sky News this morning, New Statesman correspondent Stephen Bush described the idea of “a new party that could animate Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats” as “bollocks”.

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