Full #JC9 slate elected to Labour’s NEC

Sienna Rodgers

The full Corbynite slate – termed the #JC9 – has been elected to represent local parties on Labour’s ruling body.

Ann Henderson, Claudia Webbe, Darren Williams, Huda Elmi, Jon Lansman, Nav Mishra, Pete Willsman, Rachel Garnham and Yasmine Dar will take their places as CLP representatives on Labour’s national executive committee (NEC) from October 2018 after party conference.

The results constitute a significant victory for the Corbynite left of the party – particularly as the successful candidates include Peter Willsman, whose Momentum endorsement was dropped after a leaked recording revealed he angrily doubted the existence of antisemitism within Labour at an NEC meeting.

Willsman was ultimately endorsed by the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) and the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance (CLGA), which are considered by some Corbynite activists to be to the left of Momentum.

After the scandal over the recording published by the Jewish Chronicle and without Momentum’s backing, activists on the Corbynite soft left as well as the Corbynsceptic wing of the party hoped Ann Black would take up the ninth NEC place.

But Black, who was supported only by small soft left group Open Labour, received just 45,566 votes, coming behind three Corbynsceptics – independent candidate Eddie Izzard and Progress/Labour First-backed Johanna Baxter and Gurinder Singh Josan.


Yasmine Dar (Momentum/CLPD/CLGA slate) 88,176– elected

Claudia Webbe (Momentum/CLPD/CLGA slate) 83,797 – elected

Jon Lansman (Momentum/CLPD/CLGA slate) 83,072– elected

Rachel Garnham (Momentum/CLPD/CLGA slate) 81,702 – elected

Huda Elmi (Momentum/CLPD/CLGA slate) 80,371– elected

Darren Williams (Momentum/CLPD/CLGA slate) 79,361 – elected

Ann Henderson (Momentum/CLPD/CLGA slate) 79,176 – elected

Nav Mishra (Momentum/CLPD/CLGA slate) 75,224 – elected

Peter Willsman (CLPD/CLGA slate) 70,321 – elected

Eddie Izzard (independent) 67,819

Johanna Baxter (Progress/Labour First slate) 50,185

Gurinder Singh Josan (Progress/Labour First slate) 48,643

Ann Black (Open Labour-backed) 45,566

Jasmin Beckett (Progress/Labour First slate) 43,955

Heather Peto (Progress/Labour First slate) 43,774

Luke Akehurst (Progress/Labour First slate) 43,156

Eda Cazimoglu (Progress/Labour First slate) 40,807

Mary Wimbury (Progress/Labour First slate) 40,507

Lisa Banes (Progress/Labour First slate) 37,993

Marianna Masters (Progress/Labour First slate) 35,061

Jonathan Fletcher (independent) 15,303

Stephen Guy (independent) 14,985

Nicola Morrison (independent) 10,671

James Craigie (independent) 10,326

Gary Spedding (independent) 9,854

Stephen Stanners (independent) 8,909

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