Labour MPs react to Jo Johnson resignation over Brexit

Rail minister Jo Johnson has quit his post over the government’s handling of Brexit.

In a blog post, Johnson announced his support for another public vote on Brexit: “Given that the reality of Brexit has turned out to be so far from what was once promised, the democratic thing to do is to give the public the final say.”

Johnson slammed Theresa May’s proposals, writing: “My brother Boris… recently observed that the proposed arrangements were “substantially worse than staying in the EU”. On that he is unquestionably right. If these negotiations have achieved little else, they have at least united us in fraternal dismay.”

Orpington, the Greater London constituency represented by the brother of Boris Johnson, voted in 2016 to leave the EU by 56.2%.

Responding to the resignation, shadow Brexit minister Jenny Chapman said: “Jo Johnson is the eighteenth minister to resign from Theresa May’s government. She has lost all authority and is incapable of negotiating a Brexit deal within her own party, let alone with the EU.”

Several Labour MPs who support the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign welcomed the resignation and Johnson’s comments.

Clive Lewis, a Corbynite MP who left the shadow cabinet to vote against triggering Article 50, highlighted Johnson’s criticism of the Tory Brexit plan.

Diana Johnson pointed out that Johnson did little for the North of England in his role as rail minister.

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