WATCH: ‘Our Country’ – Labour’s party political broadcast

Labour released a new party political broadcast, ‘Our Country’, on the day that it tried to force an election by tabling a motion of no-confidence in the government.

As expected, the government survived with a majority of 19 votes, thanks to the DUP and no Tory rebels.

But this video, which aired on TV on Wednesday night, aims to make clear that Labour is on a general election footing, prepared for a government collapse at any time.

Laura Pidcock, Labour MP for North West Durham since 2017, features heavily in the broadcast, while Brexit is not mentioned at all.

Our country belongs to all of us.

A country that believes in fairness, that knows right from wrong. A country of shared ideals.

We have a proud history of communities working together, supporting each other, even at the most difficult times.

But our country has been moving in the wrong direction. The hard work and sacrifices of so many have been given away to benefit a few. While many have struggled, a few grew richer and failed the country, plunging us into crisis and austerity.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, we have the talent, we have the means, we have the creativity to be so much more.

Labour believes in the people of this country. Their spirit, their enterprise, their kindness, their determination and sense of fairness, their commitment to their communities.

Labour shares that commitment. And we won’t let that spirit be stifled. We believe every single person deserves a chance.

Not to be held back, but to be encouraged, to be valued, and given respect.

Labour’s vision for our country is one where we all support each other, instead of a race to the bottom. Together, we can reach our potential.

Labour’s economic plan will work for all of us, in every part of our country. Instead of giving tax breaks to a few, we’ll invest in our people, in our country. We’ll create good jobs, with a living wage for everyone.

We’ll end the privatisation of the NHS and fix the broken Care system to ensure dignity for our people in older age.

We’ll create a National Education Service, to make education a right, not a privilege.

We’ll give power back to local communities, helping them to protect the vital services on which we depend.

And abroad, Labour will search for peaceful solutions to conflict and we’ll be proud to stand up for what’s right.

Because we believe in what our country can be: a country that doesn’t walk by on the other side, that cares for the most vulnerable, that rewards a hard day’s work. And supports people struggling to cope, a country that values all of its people, whatever their background and wherever they want to go.

They’ll say it can’t be done. They’ll say we can’t afford it. But our country is one of the richest in the world. And we resolve to make a choice.

We won’t stand by as our society is divided. Together we can change our country for the better.

Labour will rebuild Britain for the many, not the few.

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